Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Vasta Editions: Doc Seek & Mr Hide Sept'16 Launch

Vasta Editions announces the publication of Doctor Seek And Mister Hide the second book featuring the work of Mirka Lugosi and Gilles Berquet. Published in a limited edition of 223 copies: 200 copies in the standard edition + 23 copies in the deluxe edition. Each book is signed and numbered by the artists. Design and production by Gilles Berquet. The official launch was at Printed Matter's New Art Book Fair, 2016 at MoMA PS1.

You can order the book from my website, from my eBay store or directly from me via email. Click here for deluxe edition and the standard edition.

Above, the cover and below, the book housed inside its limited edition black box with silver embossed cover.  

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Beautifully printed in Italy on medium weight, lightly textured paper, measuring 9.25 x 13" with 32 pages including six fold-outs. The edition is comprised of 223 copies: 200 in the regular edition + 23 copies in the deluxe edition. Each book is signed and numbered.

The standard edition: $40.00, the deluxe edition: $1,350.00, prices do not include shipping and packaging. The deluxe edition includes an original piece of art, one of the 23 collaborative images used in the book, housed along with a copy of book in a beautiful black box with the title and design engraved in silver on the box cover. Official launch date was September 15 at the MoMA PS1 Art Book Fair.



Creating Doctor Seek And Mister Hide, their second book for Vasta Editions, Mirka Lugosi and Gilles Berquet found inspiration in twentieth century art history, from surrealism to abstraction.

The book's terrestrial origins are based in Gilles' photographs of the nude female figure. His prints, on high quality matte paper, become the ground beneath Mirka's celestial imaginings. With pencil and gouache, her beautiful compositions interact with the figures and space in his images in surprising ways, from playfully colorful to mysteriously dark.

Viewed individually, their artwork is sublime, filled with erotic sensibilities. When brought together their combined visions enhance as well as contradict each other, reflecting the multiple personalities of an inseparable couple. The results, as dark as they are luminous, seduce us with delicacy as much as they frighten us with cruelty.
Their alter egos, hidden in the pages and fold-outs, anticipate the viewer's discovery: the redhead with venous necklace, a Nereid looking out at a foreign sea, decorated voluptuaries offering refreshment or themselves, a book lover bathed in red light

Where is your favorite image hiding?
- Joseph Vasta