Monday, August 15, 2011

Next Show: London Postcard Fair September, 2011

My next fair will be in London: The Picture Postcard Show (aka BIPEX) September 1, 2 and 3rd at the Royal Horticultural Hall in Westminster. One of the best and most professionally produced, truly international postcard fairs in the world, it is once again time for BIPEX. Dealers from all over the United Kingdom will be at their stands Thursday the 1st, as well as dealers from Germany, Holland, The Czech Republic, Russia, Canada, France, Denmark, South America and me, the sole American dealer. Click here for show information. I hope to see there!

A selection of new material I will be presenting at the fair follows. 

 Advertising for the sale of artworks created at the Wienerwerkstaat, circa 1918.
Six card set of automobiles and motorcycles illustrated by John, circa 1915.

Austrian, die-cut  fantasy: mice eating the card's edge, circa 1900.

The Steamer Titanic, circa 1912.

"Miss" England from Samuel Smucker's International Beauties series, circa 1905

Max Ernst's card from the surrealist set published by George Hugnet,1937.

Two cards from a series of "spirit photographs" depicting ghosts, apparitions and unexplained natural phenomena captured on film. An elaborate hoax, published in Belgium, circa 1905.

Photomontaged imagery celebrating the 10th anniversary of the first flight from Rome to the United States, circa late 1930s.

The 7th International Exhibition of (Amateur) Photographers, Hamburg, 1899. 

Zwiebelfisch Cafe, Munich circa 1932/1933. Avant-garde cafe and performance space for contemporary writers and artists.

(top) Printed, photomontaged image of the buildings of Schocken (book publishers?), Germany circa mid-1930s; (bottom) not previously seen real photo postcard of the Empire State Building nearing completion. Photo credit: Lewis Hine.

(top left) Graduation card for the Italian aviation academy, circa 1920s; (top right) Italian publisher V.E.Boeri commemorating it's publication of Tato, futurist postcards, circa 1930s; (bottom) "pre-militaria" futurist inspired design by Pullini of soldiers riding 
motocycles, circa 1930s.

Series illustrating legendary race cars from the European Grand-Prix of the mid/late 1930s; artwork by Piet Olyslager, Dutch circa late 1930s.

Circa early 1940s Italian propaganda for the mechanized (mobile) artillery 
division of the army.

Graduation card from the Italian Naval Academy 1934~1937.

(top) German Roundtrip Flight 1925 Flying Prize, illustration by Ludwig Hohlwein; (bottom) advertising/propaganda for Caproni airplanes, Italy circa late 1930s.

"Vote Yes". Support railroad workers rights, French circa 1920.

(top) German propaganda "God Save England" circa 1915; (bottom) Dutch anti-war propaganda, New Year's card, illustrated by Berndsen, 1917.

(left) PEACE circa 1917 Italian, anti-war propaganda, illustration by Nanni; (right) WWI military, allegorical propaganda, Italy circa 1917.

Weltschau am Rhein. International Press/Propaganda Exhibition Cologne,1928. 

Die Reklame. Advertising for an advertising company, Germany 1920s.

Advertising for the Italian film company Ferrania, illustration Luigi Veronasi, 
circa early 1950s. SOLD

Set of four, dyed emulsion, real photo postcards, French circa 1925. SOLD

Real photo postcard with applied glitter background; top hat, monocle and flowers added-on; French circa 1925. SOLD

Woven silk Lady Godiva of Coventry, English circa 1910.

Tinted Beauty, hand-tinting applied to real photo postcard, French circa 1925.

Tinted Beauty, hand-tinting applied to real photo postcard, French circa 1925.

Tableaux with three femmes, domination and submission; photograph by 
the Ostra Studio, Paris circa 1925. SOLD

Women in Love, photograph by the Ostra Studio, Paris circa 1925. SOLD

Study of legs, shoes and stockings; photograph by Grundworth, 
Paris circa 1925. SOLD

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Saturday, August 13, 2011

French Frills: Fotos circa 1920s ~ 1930s

A selection from the depths of the digital archives. A "best of" medium (5" x 7") and large format (7" x 9"), circa 1920s and 1930s, legs and lingerie images by notable Parisian photographers. All photographs silver emulsion prints. Photograph above, unknown.

The "C" maker's marque is the Ostra/Biederer Studio. This photograph, used for the cover for an American edition of Anais Nin's erotic prose, has become iconic as a representation of the period.

PC Paris stylized studio setting.

Unknown, possibly Albert Wyndham

Albert Wyndham Studio, aka Film Art Studio

Photograph by Saad

Yva Richard Studio, from a fetish series focused on legs, shoes and stockings.

Unknown, possibly Studio 35

PC Paris

Albert Wyndham Studio, aka Film Art Studio

Studio 35

PC Paris

Yva Richard Studio


Brassai for the Diana Slip Lingerie Company

Two women acting out a boudoir scene. Grundworth photograph.

Albert Wyndham Studio, aka Film Art Studio

Albert Wyndham Studio, aka Film Art Studio

Albert Wyndham Studio, aka Film Art Studio

Albert Wyndham Studio, aka Film Art Studio