Sunday, November 27, 2011

Paris Latest: Nude & Risque Postcards 1910 ~ 1930s

Picking up the posting thread begun after my trip to the Paris Paper Show in October, here, and in the next few posts, is a selection of material from that trip. Most of the postcards listed here will soon be available in my eBay store.

(above) Exceptional "tinted beauty", hand-tinted nude; PC Paris, circa 1925. SOLD

Photograph attributed to Jean Agelou, circa 1915. SOLD

German nude published by Die Schonheit magazine, circa 1915. SOLD

 Topless Hawaiian hula dancer, American circa 1910. SOLD

North African prostitutes, circa 1920s. SOLD

Excellent rear view; unknown marque lower left; French circa 1925. SOLD

Four performers posed backstage; Paris, circa 1920s. SOLD

 (above & below) Two photographs by Albert Wyndham, aka Film Art Studio, 
Paris circa 1925.  SOLD

 (above) Showing off her pussy and stockings tops; PC Paris, circa 1925 and (below) exotic, harem type; Corona, circa 1925. All SOLD

(above & below) Bicycle lesson. "?" Studio, aka Biederer/Ostra Studio, 
Paris circa 1925. SOLD

 Two "?" Studio, aka Biederer/Ostra Studio photographs, Paris circa 1925.
Above: auto-erotica and below: wind-up record player.  SOLD

Final three (below) are marvelous "tinted beauties", hand-tinted nudes; 
PC Paris, circa 1925. Click here for details about my book "Beautes Teintees" published in Paris, 2009.


Yva Richard photograph, Paris circa 1925. SOLD

Click here for my eBay store.

Paris Latest: Photographs circa 1920s ~ 1970s

Picking up the posting thread begun after my trip to the Paris Paper Show in October, here, and in the next few posts, is a selection of material from that trip. Most of the photographs listed here will soon be available in my eBay store.

(above) Three stocking'ed lambs who have lost their way. 
Photographer unknown; circa early 1930s. SOLD

 Large format 7" x 9" photograph by PC Paris Studio, circa 1925.

(above & below) Large format 7" x 9" photographs; Biederer Studio, circa 1925.
Above: SOLD

Olga Vlassics, Manasse Studio, Vienna; circa 1930.

Club Tabarin Can-Can dancers, circa late 1940s; unknown photographer.

 (above & below) Strippers photographed by Le Fouton, Geneve 
(Switzerland), circa mid-1950s. Both SOLD

 Tattooed man, circa mid-1950s; photographer unknown; provenance: 
Jacques de la Rue collection.

Two photographs Les Sebastos: La Danse Apache, Paris "badboy" and partner. Photographs by Paul Koruna, circa early 1950s.

 Long-legged Parisian undressing: garters & stockings; 
photographer unknown, circa late 1940s. SOLD

 Nude study; John Everard, Camera Studies Club; London, circa early 1950s.

 Set of five photographs by Roger Davis with the original wrapper; 
England, circa early 1960s. 

 Corset + fetish boots; Selbee Publications, New York; photographer 
unknown, circa early 1960s. SOLD

Four color Polaroids; amateur French photographs, circa late 1970s.
Two SOLD + others available

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

New York City Postcard Show: November, 2011

The November 2011 NYC Postcard show is history as dealers and collectors descended on The New Yorker Hotel this past weekend. The New Yorker, at 34th Street and 8th Avenue has been the home for the New York Postcard show for about fifteen years. The hotel rooms and services have been improving with time and the involvement of a nationwide, hotel "group" since 2000, triggering room and lobby renovations to welcome reviews.

Lobby entrance area showing the mezzanine level and show banner. The hotel is conveniently located two blocks from Penn Station; eight blocks from the Port Authority Bus Terminal; ten blocks from Times Square; is the departure point for the Bolt Bus to Boston and is at a major intersection of numerous city bus and subway lines. All the private and public transportation available within walking distance makes the New York City show one of the easiest to reach!

As a result of dealer attrition and economic demands, the show is now located in only one of the ballrooms and the foyer area leading into it. A note to all dealers and collectors: the New York City Postcard Show needs your participation!!

View of my table. Although this show has been impacted, similar to other collectible shows, by fewer exhibiting dealers and diminishing attendance numbers, it still remains a viable show, especially for dealers presenting new material for their clients.

Across from my table, the display of Iconic Postcards.

 Two of the remaining art deco icons found at the New Yorker, opened in 1929. Detail (above) of the brass decorative elements surrounding the long gone entrance to a  Manufacturers Trust Company bank (iterations that followed: Manufacturers Hanover > Chemical Bank > Chase Bank > JPMorgan Chase) and (below) the exceptional, detailed ceiling and (a view looking up under) the huge chandelier in the main lobby area.


Sunday, November 6, 2011

Paris: Pigalle by Day ~ Pigalle by Night

Legendary night clubs, cabarets, strip joints, "private bars", sex shops, seedy "live" shows, legitimate theaters and adult dvd shops are scattered along the boulevard running from Place Pigalle to Place Clichy and below the boulevard, as narrow streets flow downhill heading south. The major attraction, the Moulin Rouge, located between Pigalle and Clichy at the Place Blanche, will be featured in a separate post. With world wide web, LED lighting, wi-fi, "the cloud" and smart phones, the future of these businesses and their illuminated signage may not be long for this world. 

Relocated to Montmartre, just above Place Blanche, for my October trip, I took extended walks around the neighborhood, photographing the landmarks of the demi-monde by day....

Chez Michou "diner spectacle", a Montmartre/Pigalle institution on the rue des Martyrs, presenting female impersonators in a cabaret environment for over 50 years.

Diagonally across the street from Michou is Madame Arthur's. Presenting dinner theatre, featuring female impersonators starting in the early 1950s, as of two weeks ago, it appears to be closed. It was the home in the late 1950s/early 1960s to the transvestite stars of the cabaret scene in Paris: Coccinelle, Bambi, Claude Andre, Cricri Mory, Manon, et al.

....and the glow of the neon-lit typography and storefronts by night.

 Opened in 1936 as an exclusive lesbian club in the heart of Pigalle’s red light district, the legendary Chez Moune is now "open to the public" as an after hours dance place.