Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Parliament Adult Magazines: Los Angeles 1960s

The major force in the world of men's magazines in Los Angeles came in the form of Parliament Publications. Starting in 1960/61, influenced by the independent photographer and publisher Elmer Batters, Parliament started publishing as the American Art Agency. By 1963 the list of titles (published quarterly) had grown significantly and the dominance of Parliament in the field was established. Above, the Batters' influence, circa 1963, in the third issue of Tip Top ~ "from the tip of the toes to the top of the hose". A selection of Parliament titles will soon be available in my eBay store.

Pussycat eventually became an "all black" magazine

The "jaybird" series was primarily a collection of titles that pandered to the interest in nudism. The bibliography is extensive and one of the more unusual and sought after issues is Jaybird Journal #10 featuring Anton Le Vey, of the newly formed Church of Satan, on the cover.

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Dragging & Driving ~ Hot Rods Custom Cars 1960s

At the other end of the world of creativity, 180 degrees opposite from artist's books and modern art are hot rods, drag racing and custom cars, a looming interest for me going back to youthful days at a local drag strip. Here's a selection of "dragging & driving", mainly magazines from the golden age of hot rodding ~ the 1960s. Big finned customs, Cartoons, drag racing coverage, funny cars, gassers, hot rod surfers, Ed "Big Daddy" Roth, the Mooneyes dragster, 'vettes, salt lake speedsters and top fuelers as well as a collection of original snapshot photographs taken at various drag strips, late 1960s, early 1970s. 

Transvestism Transsexuals Female Impersonators: Magazines + Paperbacks

Gender and lifestyle finally bursts onto the surface of American culture and society with the recognition of transsexuals and transgender man and women. Along the way there were the cross-dressing, female impersonators in New York drag clubs, the pandering of magazines like He-She and Female Mimics as well as Travestia and other ground breaking publications, aimed directly at men seriously interested in exploring their feminine side.

Euro Smut: 1970s Magazines Color Climax Rubber + Fetish

The Germans and the Scandinavians were the most aggressive and least censored publishers of smut magazines in the 1970s. Accordingly, they pushed the limits of what was acceptable and explored areas that were at the time, tabu. The copy on covers of some magazines published by Color Climax states: "high class pornography". Seemingly an oxymoron until the wide spread infiltration of porn-chic into contemporary culture via the work of fashion photographers such as Terry Richardson. A selection of these and our latest Paris purchases will soon be available in our eBay store.

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Frederick's of Hollywood Lingerie Catalogs 1960s

Frederick's of Hollywood born in the 1950's promoting capri pants and boudoir loungewear was, by the mid-1960s, the name synonymous with sexy lingerie, padded girdles, push-up bras and falsies. Here is a selection of original catalogs from 1960s that will soon be available for purchase in our eBay store.

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