Thursday, February 5, 2015

Paris Paper Show: Champerret February 13~17th


Peering in the Window Librairie de la Lune, Paris 
Brassai ca.1930s

Back to Paris in a few days for the Salon de Vieux Papier (Old Paper Show) at the Espace Champerret. Looking forward to digging through the shelves, boxes and piles of books, magazines and ephemera for "les untrouvables", unfindable treasures. More so than ever, It takes time, patience and a love of the hunt to discover anything worthwhile.

Note that there will be a last minute exhibition added to the show dedicated to "freedom of the press" as depicted in French illustrated periodicals, specifically a brief history of satirical publications, including an homage to Charlie Hebdo

Email me if you're in Paris and we can meet up for coffee or drinks. I'll be in Paris 2.10 to 2.20 and possibly after. 

VASTA Stand at the LA Art Book Fair 2015

Just back to the NYC deep freeze after the great turn out at the Geffen Center for the third annual LA Art Book Fair. We love the enthusiasm of the west coast buyers, the professionalism of the Printed Matter people who produce the fair, seeing old friends, the late night diners and those courtyard food trucks. Mix it all together with the Little Tokyo location and it makes the LA fair very special!

I'm sorting out the boxes of material, regrouping and packing for Paris and the paper show where I'm headed early next week. I'll post something about the Paris show prior to heading out. Here's our stand at the fair. Above, myself and the best crew at the fair, Audra and Simon. No need for a late nite text, the three of us showed up in black.

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