Monday, September 30, 2013

Next Fair: Paris Paper Show October @ Espace Champerret

Back to Paris for the paper show, once again at Espace Champerret. Arriving on the 22nd, l'll be at the venue from the start of the fair on the 25th and off and on through the 30th. Let me know if you're there or in the city and would like to get together for drinks. 

Once again I will be "standless", shopping and carpetbagging my way, in countless rotations around the show. The "vieux papier" scene is certainly on the decline and the room somewhat gloomy with all the bad economic news. Nonetheless, many of the dealers create excellent displays of their best material. It remains one of my favorite shows in one of my favorite cities.

Other salons, events and happenings: the annual FIAC at the Grande Palais (worth the hefty admission price just to be inside and roam the marvelous steel girders of the 1890s crystal palace); the first Paris Outsider Art Fair; the 25th Anniversary Exhibition of Raw Visions magazine at the Halle Saint Pierre, the Show-Off near the FIAC across the Champs Elysee and a highly anticipated exhibition of corsets, undergarments and lingerie at the Louvre design center, Les Arts Decoratifs.  Plus the new show on the male nude at the Musee d'Orsay.

FIAC  2012

Paris Magazine, Sex-Appeal, Paravent, Parasol, Regal, Beaute et cie

Saturday, September 28, 2013

New York Art Book Fair: Scene At The Fair.2


My final post from the NYABF...and now, on to the next fairs/salons in Paris in October. See my posts next week for details about where I will be and when. It was a great weekend and hope to see you in Los Angeles in February at the LAABF and at PS1 in 2014!


The Book Hotel in the basement of PS1, which doubles as the boiler room

Artist's collaged notebooks

 In the stairwells...

New York Art Book Fair: Scene At The Fair.1

Catching up and nearly unpacked from the NYABF, I'm getting ready to head out to the next events in October. More about the future early next week, for the present I will continue to dwell in the past with this and one additional post devoted to what I saw at the fair. Like most dealer's selling at PS1, I gave up my opportunity to spend the needed time to really see the fair and all the latest publications on view. Nonetheless I did purchase a handful of wonderful 'zines and contemporary artist's books.

John and his crew at the entrance saw approx. 27,000 people pass 
through the front door during the fair.

Getting on the floor and into the files at Jean-Noel Herlin's stand. A prescient dealer in the modern art ephemera trade, a decades long friend and colleague, brought part of his amazing archive to sell at the fair. 

 Jean-Noel, lui-meme, wearing a French sailor's hat, an artwork by Laurence Weiner. "...and towards the stars". 

 The exceptional stand presented by An Artist, Gordon Simpson 
 Collection of Palladium ephemera

My neighbor's in Room "L", marvelous silk screen artists/publishers, Antic-Ham and Francis Van Maele run Redfoxpress from their home on Achill Island of the coast of Ireland. Click here for more about them.

 Screen printed book recreating the look of torn street posters, Rexfoxpress

 From the Book Hotel. This directive was found throughout the fair, 
but alas the clock, as always, fucks us.

 The Newsstand which is a daily operation in the Williamsburg subway located near the connection of the L and G trains near the Lorimer Street stop was exhibiting. Just a couple of blocks away and above ground from them on Metropolitan Avenue is the Desert Island comic and book shop.

 The Ray Johnson room

 Marvelous artwork painted on one of the newspaper dispensers 
with the daily offering of the Showpaper

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

New York Art Book Fair: Four Days In Queens

Vasta Images/Books had an incredible fours days @ Printed Matter's NYABF @ MoMA PS1 in Queens! Thanks to everyone who came to the fair, our old and new friends, all the staff from Printed Matter (especially Jordan and Shannon), and to my dynamic duo, Sasha and Simon!  Click here for the latest updates to my eBay listings.

Seen at the fair. . . . 

. . . the 'zine tent

Jean-Noel Herlin impersonating George Maciunas

Lower eastside fixture, Clayton Patterson

 Jean-Noel Herlin (left) and Harper Levine

Show coordinator Jordan Nassar

 The Green Fingers stand in the courtyard

 recess: the courtyard steps

Room "L"

 Phantom girl checking out a limited edition book
published by Le Dernier Cri

Additional pix to follow