Saturday, March 23, 2013

Photographs: Paris Latest for NYC Photo Show

Vincenzo Galdo circa 1880s albumin emulsion 6.5" x 8.75"  SOLD

Here is a selection of new material from Paris which I will be presenting for the  first time at the New York City Photo Show April 6, 2013. Details about the show, taking place the same weekend as AIPAD at the armory, are here. 

 French academic nude study circa 1890s gelatin emulsion
7" x 9"   $375.00

Marcel Meys circa 1920 silver emulsion 11" x 14.75"  

Folies Bergere performance circa 1930 Studio Keystone-Talbot 
silver emulsion 7" x 9"   $250.00

Hermann Schieberth, Vienna circa early 1920s 6.25" x 8.25"
silver emulsion mounted to card stock  $850.00

Hand-painted photograph. Maquette for the cover issue no.1 Pan Berliner Magazin circa 1930, silver emulsion 7.25" x 10"  $750.00

 (above/below) Two, circa mid-1930s silver emulsion photographs. Release prints for publication 9.25" x 11.5" and 9.25" x 10"  $300.00 each

Joelle Parisian Can-Can dancer circa late 1950s silver emulsion
7" x 9"   SOLD

The following five photographs are by Gilles Berquet a Parisian photographer who delves into the worlds of erotic beauty, domination and submission and the interaction between artist and model using the naked and exposed female body as his inspiration. He is an exceptional creative force, making photographs and publishing his work since the mid-1980s. More about Berquet here.

I am very pleased to be presenting a group of Berquet's latest work where he continues to explore the body and a variety of techniques to display the final digital images on photographic paper and photographic "cut" film.

Photographs are 5" x 7" ~ $650.00 each



Friday, March 22, 2013

Photo Show: New York City April 6, 2013

Paris circa mid-1930s

My next show is the one day New York City Photo Show taking place on April 6, 2013 at The Lighthouse on 59th Street. Details for the show are hereNote that the show will be on the same Saturday as the four day AIPAD Show, less than eight blocks away at the armory on 67th Street and Park. This an excellent expanding show and a not to be missed destination during New York City's photo week activities! 

Take a look at my next post, Latest from Paris which includes new material I will have sale at the show. 

See you there.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Paris Paper Show March 2013

Back in Paris for the winter installation of the Salon du Livre Ancien et Papiers Anciens (aka the Old Paper Show or Le Vieux Pap) which after a few turns at the Halle Freyssinet has (unfortunately) reverted to the Espace Champerret. The show continues to compress from previous years, while at the same time, for this winter installation, was back in the "old space" used for many years. To the regulars that means bad lighting, no air, low ceilings and not enough food and drink. All things considered it was great for browsing and visiting dealers, friends and acquaintances while continuing to be a struggle (like ever other collectibles, antiques show) to find top material. 

I have posted a few times with numerous photos from previous shows, so this time I will concentrate on noteworthy exhibitions in Paris. First a very well curated exhibition at the Halle St.Pierre titled HEY! Modern Art & Pop Culture Part II. Go here for info. Includes artist from around the world focusing on the strange, the bizarre and the surreal with contributions by H.R.Geiger, Kate Clark (her instantly iconic poster image of animal heads), Joe Coleman, Mati Klarwein, Louis Pons, Serajat, Beb-deum and many others. 

Of special note are the contributions to the exhibition by Mirka Lugosi a truly gifted artist and dear friend. Presently Mirka is focused on very detailed, erotic and surreal pencil drawings, however she occasionally creates three dimensional objects like the one below included in HEY! You can find out more about her amazing work and career here.

Mirka is the muse, collaborator and wife of photographer Gilles Berquet whose photographs delve into the worlds of erotic beauty, domination and the interaction between artist and model using the naked and exposed female body as his inspiration. He is an exceptional creative force, making photographs and publishing his work since the mid-1980s. 

Below is a snapshot of a few of the latest photographs created by Gilles, some of which I will have for sale at the upcoming New York City Photo Fair in April. Look for my post about the fair next week, with photographs I will exhibit for sale at the fair, including a very nice group of images by Gilles. Show info here. Link to Gilles' website is here.


The other show, actually two show, I visited were at the Musee Branly, the exceptional museum on the banks of the Seine devoted to the art and culture of indigenous peoples from around the world. Hair is quite ambitious embracing sculpture, artworks and photographs as well as material from the collections: shrunken heads, hair pieces, fetish objects  and much more. 

From one extreme to the other...


Ghana Film Posters is small and worth a visit. The posters are painted on canvass by local artists to promote the sale of African films at local video shops. Crazy wonderful, exploitation style graphics and artwork. A new book (volume two) about the Ghana posters has just been published by Le Dernier Cri in Marseille; find it here on their flicker page and then go to their website to order.