Sunday, December 27, 2015

Art In Paris October 2015

So much great art to see on this trip and other than the marvelous exhibition at the Musee d'Orsay Splendor and Misery Prostitution, 1850~1910, my visits were limited to galleries. Here's a glimpse of the art I saw and soon to follow, a post of store fronts and window displays. Above, surreal artwork at the exceptional Caffe Stern in the passage Panorama off the Grand Boulevard.

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 Mirka Lugosi forest piece @ Galerie 24b group show
and below, elle meme

 Serena Carone Les Yeux @ Galerie 24b group show

 Caroline Sury cut paper piece ready to hang at the Arts Factory Galerie

Mirka Lugosi and Gilles Berquet in their studio and below, a 
life affirming piece by Mirka

 Gilles Berquet from Le Jeu series

 Musee d'Orsay prostitution exhibition (above) La Femme Violette [detail] 
1891 and (below) la chaise d'amour (fucking chair)

Nicole Canet Galerie Au Bonheur du Jour her must see photographs 
exhibition Maisons Closes and below, also on display, 
a room heater from La Chabanas, a notorious Parisian 
maison close, whore house circa 1900

Paris Paper Show Champerret October 2015

Just catching up now after the Paris Paper Show at the end of October with this post showing some the marvelous and diverse, pop culture books and paper available at the fair. It was an enjoyable show and I returned to NYC with some great new material that you can see posted in my eBay store and in February come see "the latest" at the Los Angeles Art Book Fair. Hara Kiri cover, circa 1970s.
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Blake et Mortimer hardcover comic books

 Roman noir, policier crime pulps 1950s

 Before Charlie Hebdo there was Charlie magazine 1970s

 Adult comic books 1970s

 Italian porn star, politician, ex-wife Jeff Koons, Ciccolina

 Kake magazine, Tom of Finland's alter ego

 Photo of s/m bondage art by Belgian artist Serajat 1960s

Moderni fem/dom bondage paperbacks 1970s

 Canadian magazines with pirated Robert Crumb artwork 1970s

 Le Rire French humor magazines 1960s

Diana Dors The Love Specialist 1957

1930s French crime pulps

Art Fantastix circa '00s

Saga de Xam 1967 pub'ed by Eric Losfeld

Pierre Louys La Femme et Le Pantin

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Dial "S" For Spanking 1960s Digest Magazines

From deep in the archives a selection of Satellite publications featuring lesbian, fem/dom, spanking and bondage photographs, produced in the early mid-1960s in Jersey City, New Jersey.

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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Albert Arthur Allen American Nudes 'teens/'20s

Albert Arthur Allen created a very large body of work devoted to the female figure. He worked in the San Francisco bay area, publishing his Allo Nudes catalogs offering for sale his original photographs appearing first in circa 1917. The images, reminiscent of the later days of the photo-secession, featured lovely, youthful female models posed idyllically outdoors. Posted here are images from deep in my archives.

In the 1920s Allen shifted his focus to studio nudes creating his exceptional, modern style series of portfolios including Premiere Nudes, The Sheik, Exotic Nudes, Sex Appeal and A Night In A Harem. Although some his most memorable images are from his later period, especially the Premiere Nudes montaged images of women posed together, his early work retains a beautiful, simple eroticism that was not seen during an era of chaste and demure photographic nudes. Here are more images by Allen. 

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Saturday, October 31, 2015

New York City Postcard Show November 6th & 7th

My next show is the New York City Postcard Show November 6 and 7th. Details here. A selection of recent arrivals from Europe, prices on request. I hope to see you at the show!
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Radio manufacturer Hamburg ca.1927

Italian regimental propaganda 1940

Ferrania Italian advertising camera film 1930s

Eyeglasses Italian advertising 1934

Italian insecticide advertising 1930s

Movimento Futurista Italian early 1920s

German WWI propaganda 1917


real photo
Austrian nude Charlotte Junod circa 1925

Austrian circa 1925 fashion plate signed  Feldschareck

Austrian dancers late 1920s photos by Sahm (left) and Manasse

Female domination tableaux Ostra Studio Paris 1930 (two of four photos)

Austrian nudes circa 1925

African coiffures late 1930s

German skeleton costume circa 1915