Monday, March 31, 2014

Next Show: New York Photo Show April 11 & 12th

Sasha Stone female nude. Photograph appeared as the cover for the folio Femmes
published in Paris,1933. Signed lower right in red ink and rubber stamped on the back.

My next show is the annual New York Photo Show, April 11th & 12th at the Lighthouse exhibition space on East 59th Street. Previewed here are some of the photographs I have expressly reserved, and will be offering for the first time, at the show. Show details are here. As in previous years, this is the same weekend as the AIPAD Photo Fair at the Armory on 67th Street, just 8 blocks from the Lighthouse venue. I look forward to seeing you there.

Prices on request. Click any image to enlarge.

Album d'Etudes Poses. Collection of composite studies of the human form. Photographs by Louis Jean Baptiste Igout, circa 1870s. Published in Paris by Calavas. The finest example of this type of album I have seen, all images fresh in appearance, exhibiting excellent contrast.

 Two photographs of strippers by Roswell Angier from his book 
A Kind of Life. Conversations in the Combat Zone. Arguably the best images in the book; exhibition prints titled, dated and initialed by the artist 1974.

 Stylized photograph by Manasse aka Olga Vlassics. Vienna late 1920s; typical studio and agency stamps and notations on the back.

 Roger Schall photograph for the Diana Slip Lingerie Company 
Paris circa,1932

Classic boudoir photograph, circa 1925 sepia toned nude by Julien Mandel

Parisian beauty and music-hall performer Jickriss, circa 1925
Photographer unknown

Yva Richard Studio. Nativa sitting on the hood of her car. Studio rubber stamp 
on back, Paris circa 1925

 Monsieur "X" private photograph of prostitutes Paris, circa 1925

Elmer Batters circa late 1950s. Photograph for American girlie magazine; 
additional photographs by Batters available

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

New Orleans: Queen of the Mardi Gras Costume Collection 1941~1968

In New Orleans last weekend, one of the highlights of my visit besides the food, cocktails and music was a visit to the collection of Mardi Gras gowns housed on the second floor at the legendary Arnaud Restaurant. The collection spans 27 years and represents ball gowns created primarily for Germaine Cazenave Wells. Details about her and the collection at the end of the post. Not only were the gowns incredible but the entire presentation, created to museum standards, was impeccable, including the amazing mannequins with 1940s/'50s movie star faces.

The Germaine Cazenave Wells Mardi Gras Museum, named for the successor and daughter of Count Arnaud, opened in the French Quarter restaurant on September 15,1983. Wells reportedly reigned as queen of over twenty-two Mardi Gras balls from 1937 to 1968, more than any other women in the history of Carnival.


The museum brings together more than two dozen lavish Mardi Gras costumes, including thirteen of Mrs. Wells’ queen costumes, one of her mother’s and one of her daughter’s, as well as four king’s costumes worn by Count Arnaud, (whose title was entirely local and honorary) and six children’s costumes.

The oldest costume in the exhibit, Germaine’s Empress gown, was worn by Germaine’s mother, Lady Irma, in 1941. As the Queen of Iris, she portrayed “Good Queen Bess.” The most recent gown is Germaine’s as Queen of Hera, 1968.

The collection is enhanced by more than 70 vintage photographs, Carnival masks and faux jewels, elaborate krewe invitations and party favors. The traditional colors of Mardi Gras, purple, green and gold, symbolizing justice, faith and power, shimmer throughout.

Text from the Arnaud website.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

PARIS Latest ~ Photographs Postcards Books Magazines

Now that Paris is three weeks behind me, it's time to get back to posting for my clients, friends and followers. Beginning with the books, all the items posted here are linked to the actual listings in my eBay store, just click on the caption. Click here for the "Latest from Paris" items in my eBay store, all of which I am in love with and I hope you will be as well. Click any image to enlarge photos. 


(additional titles in the series listed)

 Simon Says "hands on breasts!"

Photo Postcards

 Ostra/Biederer Studio, Paris 1930. Arguably the most seductive ass 
of the era...possibly of all time!

 Two from Grundworth's camera, Paris,1925 (left and right)