Wednesday, November 27, 2013

L'INVITATION Georges Delfau Erotic Artwork 1993

Georges Delfau is an artist, you might say a painter of "ordinary love". His strikingly simple tableaux depict older man and xtra-large women in sexually explicit scenes set in domestic environments, most presented voyeuristically, as if seen from a doorway. His book, L'Invitation, was published in Paris, 1993 by Editions Jean-Pierre Faur. Other than this significant trace of Delfau's work, little else is known about him.  

His work, first viewed in the early 1990s, was at first difficult for me to grasp, but soon, the deeply personal eroticism of the people depicted took hold. They are our aunts and uncles, the concierge, the woman at the bakery around the corner, the clerk at the bank; all people of a "certain age". People we rarely think about out of context, never associating them with "real" lives, let alone fantasizing what their sexual desires may look like brought to life in paintings. 

Adults Only! Advertising Brochures Magazine Films 1960s~'70s

Here's an ad hoc collection of brochures, flyers, advertising for adult only material, circa 1960s/early 1970s. Here's what showed up in your mailbox in response to $1.00 you sent to the address in an ad at the back of a men's magazine. Nudist Art, Uncut Action!, Breast Orgy, Instant Sexual Arousal, Nudism Goes Mod, Stag Party Records, Girls Who Want To Meet YOU! Social Intercourse (great names for tumblr blogs!) and lots more, all with purchase inducing ad copy.  

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Gene Bilbrew FETISH ART Irving KLAW Studio 1950s

Irving Klaw's New York City studio is arguably most well known for his early 1950s photographs of Bettie Page. As many collectors are aware there was much more going on at Klaw's 14th Street location then selling movie star, pin-up and bondage photographs (Klaw never made photos of nudes believing that would get him into trouble with the law!). He created Mutrix publications and the digest size magazine series as a vehicle for fetish, bondage and cross-dressing themed publications, illustrated with photographs as well as artwork by Eric Stanton and Gene Bilbrew. Along the way Klaw also published many bondage illustrations and stories as "serial", sets of 12, 24 or 48 plates recreating original illustrations on glossy photographic paper. 

Here is a selection of those "serial" illustrations. Even though signed by different artists (Brody, Van Rod), they are all by Gene Bilbrew, aka Eneg. 

John Willie Mail Order BIZARRE Illustrations 1950s

Most of what is distributed on the web about the work of John Willie is associated with Bizarre magazine and the photographs and illustrations he created for the magazine. However in the mid-1950s Willie sold photographs and reproductions of his artwork via mail order, ephemera that few people outside of die-hard Willie fans know about. The method used was to make a large format negative of the chosen pieces and then make prints on matte surface, heavy-weight 8" x 10" photographic paper. Using his Bizarre mailing list he solicited potential buyers offering the photos for sale, similar to a system employed by Irving Klaw.

Here from the archives is a miscellaneous group from various sets, featuring the exceptional artwork created by Willie in the 1940s and 1950s. It is not known how many of these photographs he created, however they are quite rare and eagerly sought after by collectors.

Sunday, November 24, 2013


Georges Hugnet's LA VIE AMOUREUSE DES SPUMIFERES, a book of surreal photographic images, published in Paris, 2011. Created in the 1940s by surrealist artist, writer and publisher Georges Hugnet, the fantasy "spumiferes" creatures were painted on the surface of classic 1920s French, real photo postcards. The ensuing amorous menagerie were first made public in this marvelous and now allusive volume which immediately sold-out at publication. Hugnet's legacy includes the iconic La Septieme Face du De, Huit Jour a Trebeaumec and the 1937 set of surrealist postcards. Click here for more about Hugnet and the surrealist postcards.