Sunday, April 15, 2012

Fetish Digests Part 3: 1950s~1960s Exotique Klaw Eneg Stanton

Part three of the Fetish Digest post from the archives comes from a recent acquisition of an excellent collection of 1940s ~ 1970s magazines. Most of this material is available for sale in my eBay store and can be found by clicking here. This post includes covers as well as illustrations published in the magazines, including artworks by Eric Stanton and Gene Bilbrew (aka Eneg).

The publishers of these magazines (Klaw, Burmel, Selbee) discovered that there was an audience for "fetishism" revolving around the fantasy of the dominate female. Using this basic concept of female domination and the submissive male and female, a fantasy world was created filled with images of bondage, fetishism (especially of legs, feet, shoes and boots) and an ongoing interest in female impersonation, frequently of the "forced femininity" variety. 

Scans of covers and internal illustrations and photographs from the recently purchased collection follow. 

First section, all are Exotique magazines.

Issue #1 with a stylized portrait of Bettie Page by Gene Bilbrew.


 Ultra, ultra, high heels!
 Seen on the streets of New York City.

 Terri Barton

 Metal waist cinch with screw and wingnut. 

 Boys will be girls.

Miss Exotique, Tana Louise. 

 German photograph, circa early 1930s, possibly pirated from London Life.

The Spider Pool, Los Angeles.

 The marvelous Barbara Pauline on the left.

 Miss Exotique, Tana Louise. Extraordinary photo was the inspiration for one of Robert Blue's most iconic paintings. 

A rare bit of turn about.

Irving Klaw Mutrix/Nutrix publications...

Plus a few others...

 Two above: self published by Eric Stanton with his illustrations. And below, probably published by Stanton with illustrations by Gene Bilbrew.

 Conqueress Club Magazine. A circa early 1960s "celler job" published in Los Angeles with wonderful, amateur style illustrations. 


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