Saturday, March 23, 2013

Photographs: Paris Latest for NYC Photo Show

Vincenzo Galdo circa 1880s albumin emulsion 6.5" x 8.75"  SOLD

Here is a selection of new material from Paris which I will be presenting for the  first time at the New York City Photo Show April 6, 2013. Details about the show, taking place the same weekend as AIPAD at the armory, are here. 

 French academic nude study circa 1890s gelatin emulsion
7" x 9"   $375.00

Marcel Meys circa 1920 silver emulsion 11" x 14.75"  

Folies Bergere performance circa 1930 Studio Keystone-Talbot 
silver emulsion 7" x 9"   $250.00

Hermann Schieberth, Vienna circa early 1920s 6.25" x 8.25"
silver emulsion mounted to card stock  $850.00

Hand-painted photograph. Maquette for the cover issue no.1 Pan Berliner Magazin circa 1930, silver emulsion 7.25" x 10"  $750.00

 (above/below) Two, circa mid-1930s silver emulsion photographs. Release prints for publication 9.25" x 11.5" and 9.25" x 10"  $300.00 each

Joelle Parisian Can-Can dancer circa late 1950s silver emulsion
7" x 9"   SOLD

The following five photographs are by Gilles Berquet a Parisian photographer who delves into the worlds of erotic beauty, domination and submission and the interaction between artist and model using the naked and exposed female body as his inspiration. He is an exceptional creative force, making photographs and publishing his work since the mid-1980s. More about Berquet here.

I am very pleased to be presenting a group of Berquet's latest work where he continues to explore the body and a variety of techniques to display the final digital images on photographic paper and photographic "cut" film.

Photographs are 5" x 7" ~ $650.00 each



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