Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Next Show: NYC Postcard Show May 17,18,19th 2013

Time once again for the spring New York City International Postcard Show, the New Yorker Hotel May 17, 18 and 19th, 2013 at 8th Avenue and 34th Street. Please come and support the show and all the dealers and collectors who make is possible. Click here for details.

Here is a selection of new material you will see at my stand. All these postcards and much more will be shown for the first time at the New York show. I look forward to seeing you there.

These two real photo postcards (rppc) sum up the turn-of-the-nineteenth-century and the modernist movement that would soon follow in the 1920s and '30s. Hard to believe that these two photographs are separated by only 30 years! Above, a steam powered carrousel at a street fair in Torino, Italy circa 1900 SOLD; below, facade of the exhibition celebrating the anniversary of the Italian Fascist Revolution in 1932  SOLD

Very rare, inflatable John Wanamaker building, a circa 1910 promotional
mechanical postcard.  SOLD


 Synagogues and Jewish graveyards. A "carnet" with 25 postcards and wrapper with red seal. Prague circa 1927.  $125.00

 One of five postcards from a set commemorating the 34th meeting of the American Ornitholigists' Union in Philadelphia 1916   SOLD

"Sleeping Giant" German surreal fantasy circa 1900  SOLD

Italian Easter surreal fantasy circa 1920s   SOLD

Art deco inspired hand made surreal fantasy with collaged real photo; Spain circa 1925  SOLD

(left) Hand-tinted Pierrot France circa 1925 $50.00; and surreal Spanish misogynistic humor in bad taste, circa 1930s  $35.00

World War I Italian anti-German propaganda circa 1915  $40.00

Italian advertising for Philips Bulbs circa 1920  $150.00

1932 Ceramics Expo Ravenna Italy 1932  $100.00

 (left) "Springtime", ad for Bayer aspirin, illustrated by Boccasile, Italy early 1950s  SOLD; International Skiing competition Mt.Etna, Italy 1958, illustrated by Mancioli  $85.00

UFO. Shortwave radio transmission confirmation card (not a postcard) 
1976  SOLD

(left) 1962 Berlin International Film Festival $45.00; and Exhibition for National Reconstruction, Italy 1950  SOLD

One of a series of eleven, colorful modern designs dedicated to safety in the workplace, Italy circa 1938  SOLD

 Espinho Praia, Portugal seaside resort, circa 1930  SOLD; and one card from a set of six cards promoting travel between the United States and Italy 1934  SOLD

(left) Italian propaganda: school for airplane observation, circa 1930 $85.00; and promoting Motorless Flight (gliders) Spain, circa 1930  SOLD

 Italian propaganda for the armed forces, circa 1933  SOLD

 2nd International Aviation Exhibition Milano, Italy 1937  SOLD

One of four cards commemorating the 10th Anniversary of the Italian aviation academy 1931, illustrated by Martini.  The four cards: SOLD

Two rare American, anti-fascist propaganda cards, circa 1942.  SOLD

"Women in Large Hat" iconic 1930s photograph by Lotte Jacobi made into a real photo postcard and signed by Jacobi, circa 1960s.  One from a group of Jacobi postcards for sale at the New York Show. Photo above SOLD additional images available.

Exceptional sepia toned nude, real photo postcard; France circa 1925, photo by Julien Mandel   SOLD

(top) Close up of legs and shoes, France circa 1925 $125.00; and seductive motorist gets out the tool kit, circa 1930 French, auto-erotica; photo by the Ostra Studio, Paris  $200.00

Two extremely rare real photo postcards created as promotional material for the Diana Slip Company, Paris circa 1932; photos by Roger Schall. Price on request

(top) Extremely rare real photo postcard created as promotional material for the Diana Slip Company, Paris circa 1932, photo by Roger Schall; price on request. Bottom, two photographs by the Yva Richard Studio, Paris circa late 1920s   $325.00 each

Women in Love. Real photo postcard, France circa 1930; photo by the 
Ostra Studio, Paris  $250.00

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