Wednesday, December 4, 2013

COUVRE-FEU Parisian Flagellation Novels '20s/30s Wighead + Galding NEW Book!

I rarely rave about a new book or publication, here's an exception. The long awaited Les Editions du COUVRE-FEU, the first volume in a long range, four-part series Le Collection bibliographique illustree de la litterature flagellante has just been published in Paris by Editions Astarte. A collaboration between the editor/publisher Alexandre Dupouy and Christophe Bier who did the research, wrote the excellent text and the extensive bibliographic annotations for each book cited. More info here.


A collection and reference to the list of sado-masochistic, bondage, flagellation novels published in Paris in the 1920s/1930s under various imprints of le maison Leon Vidal. Featured are illustrations by various artists, especially the incredible Wighead, as well as the always seductive fetish photographs created by the Ostra Studio. Includes extensive annotations and bibliographic information for all the books discovered by Bier and Dupouy, as well as thumbnails of the book covers in color and black & white. The most ambitious book published by Editions Astarte since the incredible 2007 Ostra Studio tome. 

More about Christophe Bier, his cinema research and his activities with Serious Publishing, here.

A must have for the masochist in your life!

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