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VASTA EDITIONS: Hide & Seek Artist's Book Lugosi & Berquet

originally posted August '14
It is with great pleasure that I announce the publication of Hide And Seek, the book that will launch Vasta Editions, the publishing outgrowth of my antiquarian business. A natural, long anticipated extension of my thirty years in the vintage erotica trade, and a look to the future world of creative book publishing. Therefore, I am very pleased to present Hide And Seek a limited edition artist's book, a collaboration between Parisian artists Mirka Lugosi and Gilles Berquet. On the cover, exceptional model and muse, Tessa Kuragi.

updated September '16

The regular edition of 170 copies is completely sold out, a few copies of the middle edition ($275.00) and two copies of the top of the edition ($1,500.00) are still available. Cover model Tessa's career has taken off of late. See the marvelous photo piece in New York Magazine Jan'16 plus this online piece and go here for an interview with Tessa.

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Hide And Seek brings together the drawings of Mirka and the photographs of Gilles in a beautifully printed and designed limited edition book comprised of 200 signed and numbered copies. The book measures 9.5" x 13" with twenty-four pages of images and includes a deluxe edition of ten copies with an original collaborative artwork housed in a black box; plus twenty extra illustrated copies and the standard edition of one hundred seventy copies. Each book includes a separate, supplemental fold-out poster. 

Deluxe edition box and original artwork one of ten copies (two available) $1,500.00

I am very pleased with the process of creating the book, with Paris as the base, working with Mirka and Gilles on the concept and editing and finally, working with Gilles on the production in Paris and long distance from here in New York and eventually, the printing in Italy. For me the book is a total success as it meets the criteria of what I wanted to create. A simple, beautiful, sensual book bringing together the work of two exceptional artists produced in a small edition for two hundred lovers of the fantasies and dreams captured on paper with camera and pencil.  

Introduction to Hide And Seek

" After thirty years of discovering and selling vintage erotica, Hide And Seek realizes 
my ambition to publish limited edition artist’s books.

This first book is a collaboration between two exceptional French artists. Mirka Lugosi contributes her exquisitely detailed, psychologically complex pencil drawings. Gilles Berquet envisions a seductively luminous world in photographs of the female form.
The creativity of each artist is enhanced by their marriage, as inspiration flows and 
Muse meets Muse.

My initial idea was simple. Bring together the work of both artists to resonate on facing pages in a beautifully printed, limited edition book. During long distance discussions and meetings in Paris, the concept emerged: a selection of provocative images in twenty-four pages, featuring four fold-outs.

Turning the pages of Hide And Seek is a bit of sleight of hand magic, a bit of surrealistic juxtaposition, a bit of three-card Monte street hustle. An image appears and disappears as the fold-outs are opened and closed. Unfold the page again and the image reappears, a pictorial game of hide and seek.

Where is your favorite image hiding? "
  ~Joseph Vasta

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