Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Albert Arthur Allen American Nudes 'teens/'20s

Albert Arthur Allen created a very large body of work devoted to the female figure. He worked in the San Francisco bay area, publishing his Allo Nudes catalogs offering for sale his original photographs appearing first in circa 1917. The images, reminiscent of the later days of the photo-secession, featured lovely, youthful female models posed idyllically outdoors. Posted here are images from deep in my archives.

In the 1920s Allen shifted his focus to studio nudes creating his exceptional, modern style series of portfolios including Premiere Nudes, The Sheik, Exotic Nudes, Sex Appeal and A Night In A Harem. Although some his most memorable images are from his later period, especially the Premiere Nudes montaged images of women posed together, his early work retains a beautiful, simple eroticism that was not seen during an era of chaste and demure photographic nudes. Here are more images by Allen. 

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