Thursday, May 12, 2016

The LATEST: eBay STORE new listings ...

I've been binge posting on eBay, stocking my store with all kinds of great new material from recently purchased collections and not making the time to post here. With this first post you can see the results of the previous six week's posting by clicking for the Vasta Images/Books homepage. Additionally, here are recent arrivals just listed, each with a link to the store category in which it is located. Above LOVE LOVE 1971 in Adult Books.

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Jiro Ishikawa 2016 Le Dernier Cri in Artist's Books

Eric Stanton Fumetti adult comics series 1974 in Paris Latest

Ostra Studio stereo photo 1930 in Stereo Photos

 Album L'Etudes by Igout circa 1870s in Photos Nude & Risque

Diana Slip Lingerie Photo by Roger Schall 1931 in Postcards Nudes 

Jil Stockings Advertising circa 1927 in Ephemera Die-Cuts

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