Sunday, May 29, 2011

May Shows: from the Verona Fair

The Veronafil Fair in Verona, Italy a stamp, postal history, postcard, numismatic and paper currency collectibles show just celebrated it's 116th installation. Created by the Scaligera Philately & Numismatics Society of Verona in 1933, the fair takes place twice a year at the Veronafiere center just outside Verona. It was my second year participating as a stand holder in the postcard (cartolina) section. The next show is in October.

Above is the main entrance to both the philatelic and numistmatic halls.

To the left philitelica and cartolina, across the entrance gallery to the numismatic hall.

Entrance to the the philatelic/postcard hall. Square footage of both the halls is 11,000 square meters (approx. 118,000 square feet).

Looking from my stand down one of the two aisles of postcard stands. My colleagues from Denmark, Paille Petersen and Kirsten Andersen in the foreground.

 Stand of one of my neighbors. Digging into the boxes at the opening of a fair looks the same in every country.

My corner stand looking down and across the postcard section.

 "Tuscana, OK. City views or small towns?"

 The fair organizers estimates the crowd at well over 10,000 for the run of the fair.

The self-service, Bar & Paninoteca, just outside the fair entrance also served excellent meals in a cafeteria setting. 

Final Note: After traveling to Verona on Monday I had two free days. Prior to succumbing to the uncontrollable urge to sleep, Tuesday morning I took the train to Venice and spent the day walking the route between the train station and the Piazza St.Marco. It was simultaneously wonderful and surreal to be there as well as a total tourist flame-out. What were thousands of people doing in the Piazza St.Marco on my day off! Venice, summed up in one photo for one day in May.....

.... cool bubbles, strawberries and the "Doges Sandwich" of porchetta ham.

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