Sunday, May 29, 2011

Short Trip to Munich: between the two May shows...

My plan after deciding to participate in the London Photograph Fair was to make a stop in Munich at the shop of Detlef Hilmer on my way to Verona. The shop, known the world over for its abundant and eclectic mix of postcards, postal history, advertising poster stamps and paper currency is a necessary stop on European buying trips.   

Above the arrival area in the main Munich train station, 45 minutes from the airport, totally convenient to Mr.Hilmer's shop which is in the train station complex.

The main viewing area where Mr.Hilmer's helpful employees present material to clients. This "public" space includes postal history, paper currency and postcards. 

Client at the viewing table with Fado one of the shop's resident experts.

Detlef Hilmer, a collegaue and friend for over 20 years, in his back room office. Buying trips to Europe are not complete without a stop in Munich every 12/18 months.

 Storage and work area just off the street entrance. Clients often share this space with employees to review material as it comes out from the back rooms.

 Boxes of postcards, postal history, philatelica and albums of postcards and "luxuspaper" (finely printed paper ephemera) including "notgelt".

One of the back rooms, all the material categorized in boxes.

 The back stock of erotik material.

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