Friday, February 24, 2012

New York City Postcard Show March, 2012

It's time once again for the The New York City Postcard Show  March 9, 10 and 11th at the New Yorker Hotel, 34th Street & 8th Avenue. Last day of the show is optional for dealers, so it may be best to attend on the 9th or 10th. I will be there all three days. Note that this is a change from the show dates, usually scheduled in May. The show after this one will be in November.

I will also have a stand at the New York Photo Show, a one day fair, March 31st  at the Lighthouse on 59th Street. The show will overlap with the final day of the annual AIPAD Show which is nine blocks to the north at the 68th Street Armory. This an excellent, expanding show, which is sure to become a "must visit" destination during the New York City Photo Week activities and not to be missed! Details are here.

(above) Italian aviation propaganda, circa early 1930s. Futurist "Aeropittura" by Tato.

A selection of advertising and propaganda postcards (circa 1900 ~ 1950s) from the "latest arrivals" box follows. I look forward to seeing you there!

Italian hotel advertising in the art nouveau style, circa 1900.

Italian aviation propaganda, circa 1920. Devotional madonna protects pilots.

U-Boot War. German, circa 1916.

World War I propaganda, Italian circa 1916.

Avant-garde greetings. German, circa 1915.

Italian Futurist interpretation of a Greek myth, circa 1920s.

Vote YES! Support work hour regulations. French, circa 1920.

Italian World War II propaganda, circa 1930s.

World War II Italian regimental propaganda, circa late 1930s.

MAK P 100. Italian aviation academy graduation celebration, 
circa late 1920s.

Italian naval academy graduation celebration, circa mid-1930s. SOLD

Two Italian naval academy graduation postcards, circa late 1930s.

German planes attacking British ships. Italian propaganda, circa early 1940s.

Above & below: Italian aviation propaganda, circa 1930s.

Advertising, Italian commercial aviation, circa mid-1930s.

Italian Colonial Exhibition, 1937.

Story of German inflation depicted using postage stamps, circa mid-1920s.

Set of nine American postcards advertising proper car maintenance. 
Unusual modern use of typography, circa mid-1930s.

Set of Dutch postcards commemorating grand prix race winners from the 1930s. Published circa 1940s.

Set of Italian postcards, workplace safety, circa 1930s. SOLD

German seashore advertising, bathing beauty, circa late 1920s.

Swiss Automobile Exposition 1950.

Italian advertising Barbisio hats, circa 1930s. SOLD

Aerofagil advertising, pharmaceuticals, Italian circa late 1940s.

Braun folding advertising card, German 1957.

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