Monday, March 31, 2014

Next Show: New York Photo Show April 11 & 12th

Sasha Stone female nude. Photograph appeared as the cover for the folio Femmes
published in Paris,1933. Signed lower right in red ink and rubber stamped on the back.

My next show is the annual New York Photo Show, April 11th & 12th at the Lighthouse exhibition space on East 59th Street. Previewed here are some of the photographs I have expressly reserved, and will be offering for the first time, at the show. Show details are here. As in previous years, this is the same weekend as the AIPAD Photo Fair at the Armory on 67th Street, just 8 blocks from the Lighthouse venue. I look forward to seeing you there.

Prices on request. Click any image to enlarge.

Album d'Etudes Poses. Collection of composite studies of the human form. Photographs by Louis Jean Baptiste Igout, circa 1870s. Published in Paris by Calavas. The finest example of this type of album I have seen, all images fresh in appearance, exhibiting excellent contrast.

 Two photographs of strippers by Roswell Angier from his book 
A Kind of Life. Conversations in the Combat Zone. Arguably the best images in the book; exhibition prints titled, dated and initialed by the artist 1974.

 Stylized photograph by Manasse aka Olga Vlassics. Vienna late 1920s; typical studio and agency stamps and notations on the back.

 Roger Schall photograph for the Diana Slip Lingerie Company 
Paris circa,1932

Classic boudoir photograph, circa 1925 sepia toned nude by Julien Mandel

Parisian beauty and music-hall performer Jickriss, circa 1925
Photographer unknown

Yva Richard Studio. Nativa sitting on the hood of her car. Studio rubber stamp 
on back, Paris circa 1925

 Monsieur "X" private photograph of prostitutes Paris, circa 1925

Elmer Batters circa late 1950s. Photograph for American girlie magazine; 
additional photographs by Batters available

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