Sunday, July 27, 2014

Shoes Schuz Shooz: A Fetish

Shoes! Women love them, love to acquire them, love to parade and prance around in them. Men, relegated to the most basic choices in shoes are, I believe deeply invested in the seductive power of a woman in a great pair of shoes. It is distinctly one of the places men cannot compete. Has a woman even been seduced by a pair of men's shoes? I say no, never. I've wanted to do a shoe post for sometime, so here are images from the archives as well as some shoe photos I recently found on the web. All for the sake of uplifting, high heel fun.

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First a bit a fantasy, a marvelous surrealist artwork

The camel toe!

Louboutin all tangled in black lace panties

The impossible to wear and walk-in department. What size?

The butt plug heel and cockring.
Convenient and sensible!

1950s ultra high heels probably from a shoot
for Exotique magazine

Chop chop!

High heels as art.

The Mondrian go-go boots

"From the top of the hose to the tip of the toes"
- Elmer Batters

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