Monday, March 2, 2015

Next Show: Postcard EXPO New York March 20 & 21st

Adding a third show to the NYC postcard calendar, Mary Martin is presenting Postcard Expo New York City, March 20 and 21st at the Midtown Holiday Inn, details here. As always I will be presenting rare and unusual discoveries from Europe. A preview of the recent arrivals, prices on request.

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Bruno Righi automobile garage advertising Italy 1939

 Gaukler Festival German circa 1930

Viet-Nam War Russian anti-American propaganda
15 cards w/wrapper 1966

 German Coca-Cola advertising early 1950s

 Promoting German industrial production circa 1925

Swiss Fraternity 1920

 French surreal fantasy Paris in the Future circa 1900

Art Deco fashion plate, prostitution circa 1925

Real Photo ~ RPPC

Ostra Studios Maitress and Submissive Paris 1930
series of four cards

 WWI photo-montage soldiers 1915

Gottbus P.O.W. camp theatre WWI crosss-dressers circa 1916

 Surreal fantasy amorous smoke signals German 1925
series of four cards
Pierre Dac "Loufoques" creations.  Advertising photo-montage 
Parisian art exhibition circa 1930

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