Monday, January 18, 2016

Vasta @ LA ART BOOK FAIR '16 Mags Paperbacks 'zines

Upcoming next month, Printed Matter's Los Angeles Art Book Fair at The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA located in Little Tokyo. The fourth annual, not to be missed art and artist's book event, takes place February 12,13 and 14th, details here

The Vasta stand continues its presence in one of the main exhibition spaces, featuring silk screened limited edition artist's books, vintage o/p books, periodicals and ephemera, 1960s to the present in our areas of specialty: the body, the nude and the erotic. Along side the latest limited edition artist's books will be vintage sexpapers and smut including magazines, paperbacks, pulps and euro-'zines. 

Aloha Holland 1970s

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Spliff France 1980s

Le Petit Mickey France 1975 and Les Comix de Mainmise
Canadian R.Crumb pirate 1970s

Paris Strip-Teaser Paris 1960s

Satanik French "photo novel" 1967

French post-WWII pulp novels ca.1954

Burlesque A to Z 1963

Naked and Mod Lovers ca.1968

Sadism & Masochism ca. 1965

Bizarre Captured Satellite I & II ca.1964

Teenage Discipline and Captive Wolf late '50s

... gonna keep practicing 'till I get it right

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