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Postcards: latest from Munich & Verona

Here is a selection of postcards from my trips to Munich and Verona. While Munich was a quick stop prior to Verona to buy cards at Detlef Hilmer's shop, Verona was a buying and selling opportunity over four days. Selling was concentrated on Friday and the early part of Saturday and the rest of the time was devoted to searching and buying. Click on the scan and the image will enlarge.

(above) German, hand-tinted real photo postcard (rppc), circa 1915, published by Schuman. SOLD

(above, starting at top and moving clockwise) "Sklavin" German, rppc published by Die Schonheit magazine, circa 1920, photograph by (G.L.) Arlaud; French, rppc published by A.Noyer, circa 1925, photograph by Julien Mandel; Danish, rppc published by Alex Vincent, circa 1900, L.Muller physical culturist and bodybuilder. SOLD

Madiah Surith, tattooed lady, German circa 1910  SOLD

(above, starting at upper left and moving clockwise) French, hand-tinted rppc, circa 1925, heavily embossed portrait; Italian, rppc, circa 1925, close-up portrait of American film star Clara Bow SOLD; Italian, photo-montaged rppc, circa early 1940s celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Italian trans-Atlantic flight from Rome to Chicago and New York; German, 1928 International Pressa Exhibition in Cologne. SOLD

 Two cards above: Italian, rppcs, circa 1920s. Planes trailing black smoke showing maneuvering and flight patterns. SOLD

(above, starting at upper left and moving clockwise)  Italian, rppc, circa 1932, exterior view  of the exhibition hall celebrating the 10th anniversary of the fascist revolution SOLD; Italian, circa 1932, interior view of an exhibition hall celebrating the 10th anniversary of the fascist revolution SOLD; American circa early 1930s, rppc, New York skyline featuring the Empire State Building* SOLD; Czech, dyed emulsion rppc, circa 1930s.

* I never look at American cards when I am buying at shows in Europe because the  chance of finding something worth buying is next to zero. However this Empire State Building card got my attention as it was in an album with other excellent real photo postcards. The view is unusual as the building appears to still be under construction; the deciding factor to buy the card is the byline: L(ewis) W. Hine! Not previously seen his byline on a postcard.

Italian, circa 1905, Military Aviation School, avant-garde, pre-futuriste design by Guiseppe Cantatore. SOLD

Four cards above: German, circa 1931~ 1933. Avant-garde designs/illustrations (signed Lupus) for the Munich "artist and writers" cabaret Zwiebelfisch (literally onion fish, but actually seahorse) started in 1930 by Peter Paul Althaus, the unofficial mayor of Munich's "Dream-City".

Italian, 1926, futurist artwork by Tato. On the back: Movimento Futurista Italiano. Esposizione Internazionale di Venezia 1926. SOLD

 (left) Italian, 1932 Tenth Anniversary  Founding of the Italian Aeronautic Academy; (right) Italian SOLD, 1933 futurist photo-portrait of Tato. On the back: Movimento Futurista Italiano, 1933. SOLD  

(top) German, 1925 B.Z. Flying Prize, illustration by Ludwig Hohlwein; (bottom) Italian, 1932 Aviation Academy graduation card. Both SOLD

(above, starting at the upper left and moving clockwise) Italian, circa 1930 Aviation Academy graduation card SOLD; Italian, circa late 1930s, Automobile/Mechanical Corp, Bologna SOLD; Italian, 1934 futurist air-brush painting by Tato, on the back: Esposizione Internazionale d'Arte di Venezia, 1934. SOLD

(left) Italian, 1942 his co-pilot SOLD; (right) Italian, 1941 Military Academy graduation card.

(above, starting at the upper left and moving clockwise) Italian, circa 1920s, humorous Villani pork products advertising; Italian, circa 1930s, Radicioni decorative ceramic tiles ; Italian, circa 1925, Piperazine Midy (liver pills).
The three SOLD

(above, starting at the upper left and moving clockwise) Italian, circa mid-1950s, Sipe anti-hale rocket "protect your crops" SOLD; Italian, circa mid-1930s, official Italian steel works: diesel trains SOLD; Italian, circa mid-1950s, Delial sunscreen by Bayer SOLD; Italian, circa late 1940s, very early and not previously seen pin-up postcard of Marilyn Monroe. SOLD

Two photo postcards of Italian pin-up illustrations circa mid-1950s.  SOLD

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