Saturday, April 25, 2015

Next Show: Metro Postcard Show NYC May 1st & 2nd

It's show time once again! We had the first postcard show this year presented by Mary Martin in March. Now it's the traditional spring show presented by The Metropolitan Postcard Club of New York, May 1st and 2nd at the Midtown Holiday Inn, details here. As always I will be presenting rare and unusual discoveries from Europe. A preview here of recent arrivals, all Italian advertising and propaganda material. Prices on request.

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Carnevale de Sicilia 1963

Advertising lighting rods circa 1900

Advertising book publisher circa 1930  SOLD

 Human rights propaganda 1948

 Aero Club meeting advertising Taliedo 1929  SOLD

 Homage to Vittorio Emanuele by Tato 1934  SOLD

 German planes attack British ships circa 1940  SOLD

 Night Raid circa 1940  SOLD

 Worker's Safety series seven cards circa 1937

Regimental propaganda 1930s 

Advertising aviation magazine circa 1935  SOLD

 Advertising pharmaceuticals 1920s

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