Sunday, November 28, 2010

Curio Cabinet.1

Through a case window of one of the curio cabinets in the collection of Monsieur d'Eros Selavie, Paris circa 1985. On display from left to right: Japanese teacup with risque image on bottom circa 1930s; erotic, French mechanical, hand-made from bakelite circa 1920s; (behind) circa 1920s, Art Deco styled porcelain half-doll; Le Livre Noir French surrealist periodical circa 1950s; (in front) French postcard circa 1910 showing samples of minature, wax, couture dolls; (in front) green, erotic, ceramic pipe, origin and date unknown; embroidered Spanish postcard of St. Lucy, the patron saint of sight (note eyes on tray), circa 1940s; (in front) erotic Japanese netsuke figurine, circa 1920s and at the far right: small, primitive sculpture of a couple in embrace, origin and date unknown.

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