Monday, November 29, 2010

La Vie Parisienne ~ 1920s French magazine.1

La Vie Parisienne magazine, an early popular culture magazine reflecting the Parisian high-life, is best known for it's exceptional art deco era issues filled with art work by some of the best illustrator's from the 1920s and '30s. The magazine had a very long and illustrious publishing history starting in 1872 and continuing for almost 100 years. 

The magazine's art director/editor during the art deco era was Leo Fontan who was also a very talented illustrator and contributor to this and other magazines. Contributing illustrators included Georges Barbier, Herouard (aka Herric), Georges Pavis, Leo Fontan, Gerda Wegener, Georges LéonnecMaurice MilliereSacha Zaliouk, Fabien Fabiano, René Vincent, Vald'Es (Valvérane & D'Espagnat), Joseph Kuhn-Régnier, Armand Vallée, Louis Vallet, and Zyg Brunner among others.

Covers for magazines from the 1920s follow.

Illustration by George Pavis 

Illustration by Prejelan

Illustration by Herouard (aka Herric)

Illustration by George Leonic

Illustration by George Leonic

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