Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Corset Postcards: Photographs

French postcards, circa 1900 to the 1920s, depicting women seductively posed in corsets. This particular genre of scantily clad, "lovely ladies" posed in lingerie has always been popular with collectors. Over the years I have had many clients who collected in this area, a few who wanted only images of corseted women. It could be books, photographs, postcards, the actual vintage garments themselves as well as three-dimensional advertising displays, it didn't matter as long as the corset was visible. Many of the postcards in this genre were published in sets, usually five, six, ten or twelve cards per set. Some of the sets presented a pictorial narrative starting with the woman fully dressed and in the end nearly completely undressed. A turn-of-the-century strip-tease revealed progressively as each postcard was received in the mail.

"Real photo" (rppc = real photo post card) and printed, French photographic postcards.

 Printed and hand-colored collotype, circa 1900

 Masked undresser, hand-tinted real (rppc) photos, circa 1905

 Part of strip-tease series, printed collotypes, circa 1900

Circa 1915 music-hall performer, hand-tinted real photo (rppc)
corset as costume

 Circa 1915 fashion plate, sepia toned real photo (rppc) by the 
Jean Agelou Studio

 Circa 1915 exceptional corset and lingerie, sepia toned
real (rppc) photo by the Jean Agelou Studio

Circa 1915, sepia toned real (rppc) photo by the Jean Agelou Studio

Unusual corpulent model in bizarre fetishistic corset and rubber
neck brace. Photograph (rppc) by the Albert Wyndam Studio
Paris, circa 1925

Serious lacing from the back, wide garters, silk stockings
Photograph (rppc) by Grundworth, circa 1925

Maitress, Paris circa 1930
Photograph (rppc) by the Ostra (aka Biederer) Studio

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