Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Mirka Lugosi Artwork + Artist's Books 1990s ~ '00s

Mirka Lugosi, artist, videographer, muse and amazing creative being has  worked closely for many years with her husband, the photographer Gilles Berquet as well collaborating on artist books with Marie Laure Dagoit, writer and publisher of Derriere Salle de Bains. I have been interested in the work of these three talented Parisians for many years and a selection of their work will be soon be offered for sale in my eBay store.  Click here for more about Mirka.

Rendes-vous sur ma langue (Meeting on My Tongue). Marie-Laure Dagoit. Paris, 2004. Boxed limited edition with original photograph by Gilles Berquet.

Collection of small format limited edition artist's books featuring the work of Lugosi and Berquet published by Derriere Salle de Bains Paris, '00s

Le Malaise Enchante. Mirka Lugosi. Editions MeMa Paris, 2005

Series of limited edition, matted, ready to hang prints, originally published in the 1996 book Defense d'Ouvrir (see below). Self-published by Lugosi as La Boite a Gants Paris, circa 2000

Defense d'Ouvrir (Do Not Open). Editions Astarte Paris,1996. A collection of Gilles Berquet's photographs which have been been hand-painted and reworked by Lugosi.

Mademoiselle. Mirka Lugosi. Last Gasp, San Francisco, 2002

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