Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Vasta Images/Books New York Art Book Fair: Preview

In preparation for the art book fair in September (click for details) I will be posting a selection of material for sale at my booth: rare and out-of-print books, limited edition artist's books, film posters, '50s/'60s paperbacks, gay books and periodicals, photographs, digest sized 1950s fetish magazines, Bettie Page, American and European girlie magazines, Italian erotic comics fumetti 1970s, John Willie, American clandestine erotic booklets and much more. Click on the title of each of the categories below and a detailed page will open.

NB: the previews contain materials reserved 
for purchase at the art book fair and are not available for prior sale

Le Dernier Cri, Re:Surgo (aka Bongout), Palefroi, Flockophobic

Andy Warhol's Blue MovieFaster Pussy Cat, Kill! Kill!
Berlin Bettwurst and My Father Is Coming

Paperback books 
Published by First Niter, Unique Books and Satan Press with cover art 
by Bill Ward, Eric Stanton and Gene Bilbrew

complete run of The Male Figure published by Bruce of Los Angeles, 
a bound volume of Demi-Gods magazine, plus rare paperbacks, 
European books and periodicals

Buster Cleveland, Ed Higgins, Scarlatina Lust

Irving Klaw, Exotique magazine and Parliament publications

a complete run of Exotique, publications by John Willie (Bizarre), 
Irving Klaw, Burmel, Eric Stanton and Selbee

photographs and magazines

photographs and magazines

sexually explicit comics

newsstands classics of the late '50s ~ early '60s  

late '60s ~ mid '70s 

Tijuana bibles (aka 8-pagers) and illustrated erotic "readers" 

drag racing custom cars

Vasta Images/Books is an international dealer, based in New York City, specializing in the body, the nude and the erotic arts. Focus for the fair will be books, periodicals, photographs and ephemera, circa 1960s~2000s in our areas of specialty. Additionally featured will be material from the collection of the late John McWhinnie by arrangement with his estate.

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