Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Gilles Berquet Books & Photographs

Gilles Berquet is a Parisian photographer who delves into the worlds of erotic beauty, domination and submission and the interaction between artist and model using the naked and exposed female body as his inspiration. He is an exceptional creative force, making photographs and publishing his work since the mid-1980s. More about Berquet here. 

Along with books and original photographs by Berquet I have issues of Maniac magazine published in Paris by Editions Astarte, designed and edited by Berquet.

Le Muscle de Sommeil. (top, above and below) United Dead Artists Paris, 2009

 Ame. Jean Pierre Faure Editeur Paris, 1995

 Sur Rendez-Vous. Jean Pierre Faure Editeur Paris, 2000

I am very pleased to be presenting a group of Berquet's latest work as he continues to explore the body and a variety of techniques to display the final digital images on photographic paper and photographic "cut" film. Original photographs are 5" x 7". 
Additional photographs to follow.

Maniac. Issues #2 ~ #9 (all published lacking issue #1). Designed and edited by Gilles Berquet. Editions Astarte Paris, 1994~1999. Contemporary erotic arts + a retrospective look at the work of Yva Richard, Pierre Molinier, John Willie and many other artists and photographers who inspired today's creative Maniacs.

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