Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Pop-Up Erotica + Artist's Books 1990s ~ '00s

Two pop-up, erotic books published 1996/97 by UG-CBO Editions: XXXRated and XXXRated 2. Both published in a limited edition of 100 copies and very early in the history of UG-CBO Editions which continues to make inventive and unusual pop-up books. Most of the out-of-print, limited edition serigraphed and hand-made artist's books are coveted by collectors and rarely seen for resale. A varied selection of artist's books are for sale in my eBay store.

Le Sceau d'S. Limited edition, tipped-in original photographs 
reworked with black marker, circa 2005

Unqiue collaged books by Marie-Noel Doby. Paris '00s

L'Amante Religieuse. Paul Laurenzi. Limited edition + original print laid-in. Editions Astarte: Paris, 1995. 

The remaining books were all published by Palefroi, a European collaborative which includes two artists working in Berlin, Marion Jdanoff and Damien Tran. I will have a selection of their beautifully printed, hand made silkscreened book in my eBay store soon. 

Click Mirka Lugosi artist's books

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