Wednesday, November 27, 2013

L'INVITATION Georges Delfau Erotic Artwork 1993

Georges Delfau is an artist, you might say a painter of "ordinary love". His strikingly simple tableaux depict older man and xtra-large women in sexually explicit scenes set in domestic environments, most presented voyeuristically, as if seen from a doorway. His book, L'Invitation, was published in Paris, 1993 by Editions Jean-Pierre Faur. Other than this significant trace of Delfau's work, little else is known about him.  

His work, first viewed in the early 1990s, was at first difficult for me to grasp, but soon, the deeply personal eroticism of the people depicted took hold. They are our aunts and uncles, the concierge, the woman at the bakery around the corner, the clerk at the bank; all people of a "certain age". People we rarely think about out of context, never associating them with "real" lives, let alone fantasizing what their sexual desires may look like brought to life in paintings. 

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  1. And there is some cosmic humour in them, see this freshly "discovered" edition