Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Paris WINE TASTING + La Coupole Gala + FIAC

During my two weeks in Paris there were a lot of activities in between the Paper Show and the launch party for Hide And Seek, including...a wine tasting on the sidewalk out front of the 165 year old shop Caves Auge on the blvd Hausmann. All from small producers of bio and organic wines. At the event with Poupee and Gilles, where towards the end we abandoned "swirling, tasting, spitting" and started "swallowing". We bought a couple of bottles! 
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Glass enclosed cashier's booth...

...and rows of cognac in the vitrine display.

Poupee and Gilles...sante!

At La Coupole in Montparnasse it was the monthly Gala Night with dancing and live music in the basement ballroom. The evening started with two charming models, bathed in purple light, posing on the bar in the dining room, surrounded by amateur sketch artists trying to capture the posers. La Coupole retains its marvelous ambiance and is always a wonderful place for cocktails, especially late nite.

The FIAC. What can I say. Another (art) fair that has grown too big, attracting a huge crowd making it difficult to see the art and get around the exhibits. I was happy to be there for the preview evening but after about an hour, I gave up, sat on the steps of one of the beautiful cast iron staircases of the Grand Palais and decided it was still early in the evening and I'd rather be outdoors. I hope sales were good, but for someone like myself, there to see the art, it's just too big and too crowded to enjoy. Coming in March '15 FIAC Los Angeles ?!

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