Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Snapshot Boutique PHOTOGRAPHIES rue Charlot Paris

Finally made my way to Photographies, a great shop on the rue Charlot. I had heard about it from a number of people, but no one ever described the wonderfully eclectic "photo shop" interior filled with all types of vintage photography related stuff. The floor of the small shop is covered with snapshot photos, thousands of them. The gentleman minding the shop said to all that entered: "...pick one photo that you can keep and, if you would like, step outside, hold up the photo and I will take a portrait of you with the snapshot". Not sure what the final outcome for the photos will be, a fun idea nonetheless.
Part of the Mois de la Photo-off

It was love at first sight. The place is totally fitted out, every spot of the interior is covered photographs or something related to the creation of photographs, it feels like a walk-in curio cabinet. A great touch at work, kept simple and charming. Some very nice "non-snapshot" photographs on sale as well.

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A kid walking through the snapshots. Between his legs is an enlarging glass (below) 
which shows the image I was hoping to find for my portrait...
...instead I wound up with a commercail photo of a cathedral interior that 
I turned upside down, trying to get the most out of it, 
female anatomy-wise.

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