Sunday, August 16, 2015

FADS & FANCIES Utopia Press England 1950s

Some of the most illusive publications of the 1950s were published in England by the Utopia Press. An extensive series of titles, drawing from the American, pin-upy covered pulps of the 1930s, included Studio Frolics, Ritzy Stories, Footlight Follies, Cowgirl Capers and Outdoor Antics. The contents were also similar, each title filled with "sexy saucy" stories of seduction. Simultaneously a sister publication Fads & Fancies which can properly be described as a fetish fashion magazine, presented "written by readers" letters and short fiction all related to obsessions with lingerie and high heel clad corpulent women in big hats and very tight clothing!

The common thread through all the Utopia titles are the incredible illustrations, both the text and full-page artwork and the color covers, signed by Janine. One of the particular areas of interest to the creators of Fads & Fancies were what we would call today, bbw (big beautiful women) posed provocatively with bulging curves brought on extremely tight, undersized lingerie; typically corsets, girdles, garter belts and brassieres. Here's a selection from my archives. More details from an earlier post.

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