Monday, January 7, 2013

UTOPIA Publishing: Fads & Fancies 1950s Janine

The exceptional fetish fancier's magazine, first published in England, 1948 by Benson Herbert. Each issue from Utopia bore a different title (see link) similar  to those posted listed here: Snap, Haywire, Blue Stories, Cuban Capers, Heebee Jeebees and Hubba Hubba. Serious collectors of these magazines, filled with stories and illustrations about voluptuous females in restrictive clothing and foot wear, estimate about 80 different titles were published. 

The obsessive texts brought to life the stylized illustrations, signed Janine, used throughout each issue and on each cover. Janine, a pseudonym for Reina Bull, was an accomplished illustrator of fantasy and sci-fi book covers. The illustrations, of well endowed  busty ladies with large derrieres, bulging thighs and calves, were caricature-like fantasy creatures. 

Particular obsessions were for corsets, tiny waists, stocking tops revealing garter belts and straps, ultra-high high heels, tightly laced calf-high boots, stockings, girdles, restrictive foundations and frilly, frou-frou lingerie from the turn-of-the-century. 

The first five covers are of the original magazines found on the web. The second group are reprints from the mid-1960s (from my archives) with two replacement cover illustrations by Gene Bilbrew, possibly pirated. 

Click here to see Steve Holland's excellent blog about Utopia and Reina Bull.

Following are Utopia reprints circa mid-1960s. Fads & Fancies numbers 4, 5 and 6. The covers for numbers 5 and 6 are illustrations by American fetish illustrator, Gene Bilbrew, aka Eneg.


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