Saturday, February 12, 2011

Paris Paper Show: February 2011, Part Three

Views and details from the "espace photo ancienne" area of the Paris Paper Show. The area included seven dealers, including myself, with hopes to expand in the future.

Above the Galerie Obsis stand: Didier Grandsart in the center, his wife Anne on the right with an unidentified client.

 Philippe Legendre's stand.

 Detail of Matthieu Cuchet's stand. Very nice taxiphot machine in center.

Philippe Jacquier of Galerie Lumiere des Roses.

 Philippe Legendre (left) at his stand.

 The "long distance award" went to Eduardo Orenstein from Buenos Aries, 
specialist in rare and unusual film stills.

View from my stand: Matthieu Cuchet, lumiere des Roses and 
the background, Galerie Obsis. Views of my stand included
in Paris Paper Show, Part One.

 Philippe Legendre (left) and Matthieu Cuchet in Matthieu's stand.

 Fabrizio Obertelli's stand with an excellent view of the sky-lit, vaulted roof.

 Two views of the "espace photo ancienne".

 (left to right) Mirka Lugosi, Alexandre Dupouy and Gilles Berquet.

(left) Matthieu Cuchet and Alexandre Dupouy talk iphones.



  1. Hi Joseph,
    Very beautiful "Panorama" of the photographic corner of the last "vieux papiers", it's amazing to see all those familiar faces on an american web site.
    Victor / Librairie l'Arnaqueur

  2. Hi Victor,
    Thanks very much for you comment. They are (most) all old friends and colleagues of mine as well. It was an excellent salon. I like very much the Halle Freyssinet Until the next salon.