Sunday, February 13, 2011

Paris: Un Regard Moderne Book Shop

A must stop before leaving Paris is always the Un Regard Moderne book shop located in the quartier Latin, near Place St. Michel, at 10 rue Git-le-Couer (6th). Literally filled floor to ceiling with all types of books on the visual arts from the world over, a visit to Un Regard Moderne is a unique experience. The overstocked shelves and central pile obscure books from approx. 20 years ago when the shop moved to this location. Originally known as Les Yeux Fertile and located a few blocks away on the rue Danton, Un Regard Moderne has reached cult status among lovers of the strange, the unusual and the bizarre as well collectors of handmade and limited edition artist's books and bande-dessinee (comic books). Today there is very little room to move around the shop, however the engaging and extremely knowledgeable Jacques Noel is always on hand to point out the latest arrivals as well as a gem or two hidden in a pile. 

I love this place and urge anyone seriously interested in unusual contemporary books to make it a destination while in Paris. You will not be disappointed!

 Jacques at the entrance.

 Enter and straight ahead is one aisle to move around; to the left the "central pile" about as tall as Jacques.

 Bizarre creatures above the entrance to what used to be the 
gallery space, now almost filled to capacity.

 Jacques at his "spot" seen by holding the camera over my 6'4" head to get an unobstructed view above the "central pile".

 Views of piles and shelves.

 Details including two of the latest serigraphed, limited edition books from 
Le Dernier Cri in Marseille.

 Jacques at his spot.

 The former gallery space filled with books, magazines, comic books, erotic novels and more.

 Jacques at the entrance reaching into the window display/storage area.

 Title of this book sums up the Un Regard Moderne inventory.

Top shows the window to the gallery, completely covered with books 
and below, the store sign.


  1. I love the shop too but it is too hard to take a look at the books today. You just cannot move.

  2. Thanks for your comment. I agree it is too difficult to look at the books on the piles and shelves. Nostalgia aside, it is still worth a visit for me, as I always leave with a few of the "latest arrivals" which are within reach or which Jacques points out for my approval.