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Holiday SALE: Vasta Images/Books eBay SALE!!

At the end of each year and to celebrate the holiday season, I reduce the listed prices of all the material in my eBay store as well as the opening bid price for all auction items. As of today, and until the end of the year, ALL my eBay items have been marked down to FINAL CLEARANCE SALE prices!! The material can be found here in one file in my eBay store. Scans of various items follow, in no particular order, giving you a flavor of what's available.

(above) Plate from the German folio DIE GALERIE AKTMAPPE, circa 1940.  SOLD

 MERMAID PARADE Coney Island. Flyer 1985.  SOLD

 COPLEY. Exhibition catalog, Holland 1966.  SOLD

 RUBBERWEAR No.1. Fetish fashion. England,1966.  SOLD

 SMUT FROM THE PAST. Screw magazine special issue. New York,1970s.  SOLD

 BIZARRE FASHIONS Catalog #7. Los Angeles,1960s.  SOLD

 FRENCH postcard, platinum emulsion, circa 1900.  $125.00

 GERMAN postcard, female gymnasts, circa 1930s.   $75.00

 THE WORLD. New York City, East Village night club photo history,1988.  SOLD

 FLESH FLOGGER. Paperback,1965.  SOLD

 GERMAN hand-tinted nudes, circa 1920.  SOLD

 Pair of images FRENCH poser in corset and lingerie, circa 1890s.  $125.00

 FRENCH photograph with collaged border assembled for magazine 
publication, circa 1933.  SOLD

 STEREO photograph by Grundworth, Paris circa 1925.  SOLD

 Printed ADVERTISING photograph for the Diana Slip Lingerie Company. 
Paris, circa 1932.  SOLD

 DIE SCHONHEIT DEINES KORPERS. Dora Menzler book of dance and 
movement,1924.  SOLD

 THE RESORT CROWD. Paperback with cover by Gene Bilbrew,1967. SOLD

 GERMAN nudist circa 1950s.  SOLD

 THE FRONT with 3-D feature. U.K. lad magazine,2005.  SOLD

 FRENCH Photograph, circa 1890s.  SOLD

 FRENCH postcard, circa 1900.  SOLD

 ITALIAN postcard, circa 1915.  SOLD

 IDEALE NACKHEIT. Volume III. Dresden, circa 1923.  SOLD

 Italian PHONE SEX ad card, Jessica Rizzo,1980s.  SOLD

 ENGLISH flagellation, caning photo, circa early 1960s.  SOLD

 FRENCH postcard, photograph by Jean Agelou, circa 1915.  $19.98

 LOVE Magazine,1980s.  SOLD


MUSCLES. 10th Year/#80 Belgian beefcake, strongmen,1956.  

 THE MALE FIGURE. Complete set of 36 issues. Photographs by Bruce of Los Angeles. 
1950s ~ 1960s  beefcake, bodybuilding. 

 PHYSIQUE PICTORIAL. An extensive run, 72 issues. 1950s ~ 1980s beefcake, 
bodybuilding.  SOLD

 PLEASURE PARADE. Bondage, fetish magazine published by Irving Klaw; 
New York City,1959.  SOLD

 CRIMSON HAIRS. Clandestine American erotic novel, circa 1930s.  SOLD

       French visual gag. EROTIC Still Life RIPE FRUIT & Sausage, circa 1900. 


FRENCH l'Unique. Metamorphic nudes, Arab unic's head. Fredillo illustration, 
circa 1905.  $49.95

Five card set ART DECO Women In LINGERIE Domination Little Men. 

French,1920s.  $150.00

French Clowns Two FRATELLINI Bothers. Henry Photo, Paris 1920s.

LIONEL LION BOY 17 Year Old Lowenmenschen German,1905.  SOLD

German FANTASY SURREAL Gruss aus cigar box trompe l'Oeil,1900.  $37.50

                    International HYGIENE EXPO. Dresden, Germany 1911.  $32.50

French FANTASY Surreal Cat Woman Good Luck,1915.  SOLD

HAND MADE Collage, Caricature COMBES French President, circa 1905.  $85.00

 PEPE LUIS VAZQUEZ Bull fighter; hand embroidered real photo postcard, 
circa 1920s. $35.00

Paris LE BAL de 4 Z'ARTS 1925 Announcement Mini-Poster.  SOLD

 FRENCH amateur photograph, circa 1980s.  SOLD

CICCIOLINA Ilona Staller ex Mrs. Jeff Koons ~ 10 items 1980 - 1990s.  $98.75

MODEL ART Camera Studies Photo Arts. Earl Leaf + Bernard photos,

circa 1950s.  $29.75

VAMPIRA. Artwork + Correspondance Letters To RUDOLPH GREY,

circa 1984 ~ 1998.  $12,500.00

E.F. HIGGINS III. Doo Dah Artist's Limited Edition Stamps and Mail Art Collection. 

New York,1980s~00's.  $5,250.00

JOSEPH BEUYS. Postkarten Series in a box + Felt + Wood. 

Edition Staeck,1980s.   SOLD

Ten PURGATORY PIE PRESS letterpress and mechanical postcards. New York City, 

circa 1990s. 

         Six GALLERY CARDS Boris Vallejo. High quality Swiss postcards,1984.  $24.98

French TINTED BEAUTY Hand-Tinted Nude, circa 1925.  SOLD

French Deco Portrait EXCEPTIONAL dyed emulsion + hand-tinting, 

circa 1925.  $9.99

Austrian Wiener Kunst MASKEN Masks Masques. Illustration by A. Hanisch, 

circa 1920.  $24.98

Russian hand-painted postcard, original ARTWORK by Sergey MALYUTIN; 

signed 1905.  $1,685.00

EROTICA 1920s Collection 18 Stereo Nudes Two Femmes Lez + Marvelous Raer Views!  $675.00

Three RARE Woven Silks LADY GODIVA Of COVENTRY. Made by T.Stevens, 

England 1905.  $325.00

Surreal GERMAN Nude Montaged Double Exposure Photograph, circa 1950s.   $165.00

                J. WILLETT New York stylized female nude, circa 1921.  $100.00

Tattooed man. Collection JACQUES DE LA RUE, circa 1950s.  $125.00

SABRINA Big BUusty English babe. Oversized photo + magazine, circa 1950s.  $35.00

Two WILLINGER photographs performers as costumed birds. Berlin,1920.  $125.00

HUGO ERFURTH BILDNISSE. German portraits, intro by Otto Steinert. 

Germany,1961.  $74.50

100 YEARS OF EROTICA Nude & Sexually Explicit Photographs,1973.  $34.98

GENDER PERFORMANCE IN PHOTOGRAPHY. Guggenheim Museum,1997.  $67.50

VASTA IMAGES/BOOKS Catalog 2 Paris: Real & Surreal 1985.  SOLD

AGENT PROVOCATEUR ANNUAL 2002. Hardcover lingerie catalog 

"A Sporting Life".  $38.95

                    EROTIC POSTCARDS. Ouellette & Jones 1977 Book.  $65.00

PEEPSHOW. 1950s Stereo NUDES & Pin-Ups In 3-D Color New York City, 2001.  $24.98


MALE NUDE IN PHOTOGRAPHY Marcuse Pfeifer text,1980 exhibition catalog.  $75.00

          SUICIDE GIRLS Issue No.1 Papercuts 03.2007; the pre-book version.  $38.75

 BUSTY BLONDE, American circa 1940s.  SOLD

French RISQUE Female in Charge MAN UNDRESSED Ostra Photo,1930.  $47.50

MANIAC #3 Bizarre bondage. Alexandre Dupouy and Gilles Berquet. 

Editions Astarte, Paris 1993.  SOLD

GRUNDWORTH Obscene Album. Alexandre Dupouy Collection. Editions Astarte, 

Paris 2004. $24.98

MONSIEUR X Private Collection. Alexandre Dupouy Collection. Editions Astarte, 

Paris 2007. $24.98

AMATEURS 1950 Erotic Photographs. Alexandre Dupouy Collection. Editions Astarte, Paris, 2010.  $24.98

Five Les DIABLERIES 1860s Tinted Stereo Hold-To-Light Tissues.   $1,250.00

TAN N' TERRIFIC #1 busty black models,1963. $28.75

FURNITURE BONDAGE Melanie Bonajo color photographs, Belgium 2009.  $19.98

VOODOO GIRLS Philippe Cartier photographs. Ragage L'Intime Series with original photo, Paris,2009.  SOLD

ANGES PERVERS Jean Daniel Cadinot. Gay French erotic magazine Paris,1977.  SOLD

Le MARSEILLE CURIEUX Guide to Prostitution Prostitutes, circa 1915.  $350.00


(above & below) MAX ERNST surreal illustrations from "Une Semaine de Bonte" double-sided pages; Paris,1934.  All Max Ernst items SOLD

PICTURE SHOW ANNUAL 1932 London ~ The Year Best Movies Cinema Stars.  $50.00

       CAMERA ART Photo Classics. Bind-up nine 1920s Art Nudes magazines.  SOLD

Four MATCHBOXES MAN RAY Cafe. G.Ray Hawkins Gallery, Los Angeles 1985.  $49.98


Three pocket CALENDARS 1897 ~ 1906 ~ 1936 miniature books.  SOLD


Five RISQUE 3-D PHOTOGRAPHS + glasses, circa 1950s.  SOLD

SEDUCTIVE couple Ostra Studio,1930.  $19.98

FRENCH postcard, American Actor George O'Brien;  nude archer, circa 1920s. $35.00

Five RECTILINEAR gurning changable faces,circa 1920s.  $125.00


Late 17th century engraving TOOLS of TORTURE the Holy Cross.  $65.00


CHRISTO The Gates New York City 2005. Signed print + color photographs.  $397.50

Original OLIVIA. Gouache study after 1920s French lingerie photograph. 

Signed,1988.  $587.50

SCENES GALANTES 1800 century art, incomplete set ca.1910.  $99.99


All the material in this post can be found here in one file in my eBay store. 


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