Friday, December 2, 2011

Paris Latest: Books and Periodicals

Picking up the posting thread begun after my trip to the Paris Paper Show in October, here is a selection of material from that trip. The books and periodicals listed here will soon be available in my eBay store.

(above) Etudes de Nus. Published in Paris: Editions du Chene, 1949. Large folio, photographic plates loose in paper wrapper. Includes photos by Brassai, Andres de Deines, Ergy Jandau, Willy Ronis, Sougez, et al. SOLD

NUS. Album #5. Paris: S.P.E.A.,1950. Photographs Andre de Dienes. SOLD

NUS par Andre Steiner. Published in Paris by Steiner, 1953. SOLD

Traite des Blanches et Prostitutions (White Trade and Prostitution). Issue #4 in the Temoignages de Notre Temps series, edited by Lucien Vogel. Exceptional documentation of the "white slave trade" and prostitution. Published in Paris, 1933 (VU magazine publication?). Above, the title page. SOLD

Tattooed prostitutes.

French street walkers and cafe girls.

Shore leave, Marseille.

Girls from French "maisons-clos", posed outdoors, wearing their working clothes.

Street walkers from various European cities.

Bijou, immortalized by Brassai, shown here in all her glory. SOLD

Program for the Casino de Paris circa 1930, featuring an illustration of Josephine Baker on the cover by Paul Colin. SOLD

JAMBES No.2 ~ legs, shoes, boots and stockings, cover to cover! Published by Paris-Photo, Paris 1933. SOLD

JAMBES et ATTITUDES. Predecessor to the above, with attitude! Published by Paris-Photo, Paris, 1930.

25 years prior to America's, Elmer Batters and his Black Silk Stockings, there was Jambes et Attitude!

FRIVOLITES Parisiennes. Includes rarely published photographs of models posed in Diana Slip lingerie. Paris, circa 1935. SOLD

C'EST PARIS. Special Corset Issue. Martine Carol on the cover. Paris, 1951. SOLD

LES CASANOVAS. Small, limited edition folio of original color photographs by Christophe Mourthe. Paris: Chez Higgins, circa 2000. SOLD

ATTACHE MOI. Self-published, limited edition folio in metal box. Marc Wolff, Paris 2009. SOLD


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