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Paris-Hollywood Magazine: Part One 1950s

One of the most important and to a certain degree "international" men's magazine of the 1950s and 1960s was Paris-Hollywood, later to be known as Folies de Paris et de Hollywood. An oversized publication from Paris, where each week its readers were treated to a seductive selection of busty, voluptous models, beautifully printed in gravure.

Conceptually this was nothing new. However, the French photographers working for the magazine and the photographs imported from the U.K. had a certain je ne sais quoi, that in retrospect, appears to be the brilliant selection of exceptional models (read sexy) and the weekly "special" features.

In the earliest days of the magazine, the main feature was the American movie stars on the covers + composite layouts featuring them inside: Jane Russell, Betty Grabel, Virginia Mayo, Yvonne De Carlo, et al. When the mandate of the magazine's title wore thin, the movie stars slowly disappeared, replaced by increasing seductive models, wearing less and less! The magazine's editors subsequently created numerous other very popular features over the years including: sequential strip-tease series, 3-D photo layouts (with glasses in each magazine), gate-fold pin-up illustrations by Brenot and the marvelous pin-up deshabillable (undressable pin-up) with glassine overlay: dressed/undressed pin-up.

French photographers included Roland Carre, Serge Jacques and Andre Belorgey. The U.K. photos were from two of the best: Harrison Marks and Russell Gay from whom many of the photographs of most well endowed, busty babes originated. Although the magazine started in the 1940s, I am concentrating on the 1950s and 1960s and will post it in two parts.

Some of the scans included are "composites" using various images one issue collaged together. These were used, as all the other scans from my archives, as an illustration for an eBay listing or as an offering to my clients.

Above: Esther Williams, circa late 1940s

Betty Grabel cover, circa late 1940s.

Part 1: The 1950's

3-D features and glasses.

Special NUS COULEUR Issue 100 Photographs

Special feature NUITS DE BROADWAY

Special feature MINUIT A PARIS. June Wilkinson cover.

Lili Christine cover


Special feature BELLES DE NUIT. Tempest Storm cover.

June Wilkinson above

Special issue NUS D'ETE All Color Photos

Special issue MER et MONTAGNE

Special issue NUS D'HIVER All Color Photos

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