Monday, December 19, 2011

Legs Stockings Garters: 1900~1930 French Postcards

My file of Legs Stockings Garters and Shoes finally fell together. Here is a selection of French photo postcards, circa turn-of-the-century to the early 1930s, from that file. Contents of the leg fetish file follows in chronological order. 

Above & below: Printing-out-paper emulsions (proofing paper), circa 1900.

Silhouettes Parisiennes series featuring women wearing decorated stockings, circa 1910.

Above & the two below: Studio Agelou, circa 1915. 
Cabaret Bal Tabarin performer adjusting her stockings.

Close-ups, circa early 1920s.

Above & four below: Albert Wyndham Studio, circa 1925.

Legs and raised skirts, outdoors, circa mid-1902s.

Legs and raised skirts, outdoors, circa mid-1902s.

Auto-erotica, circa mid-1920s. Biederer Studio, circa 1925.

Grundworth, circa 1925.

Above & below: Paris-Photo Studio, circa 1930.

Two above & six below: Grundworth, circa 1925.

Paris-Photo Studio, circa 1930.

Yva Richard Studio, circa 1927.

Biederer Studio, circa 1930.

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