Friday, June 15, 2012

Berlin.3 Postcards Books Flea Markets May 2012

Above is one of the last photos I took in Berlin. A few weeks later it is now iconic for me as I spent so much time in the s-bahn and u-bahn trains criss crossing the city. The blue illuminated signs and orange lighting details were everywhere throughout the underground system.

 Entrance to the Ludwig Loewe-Hofe, an old industrial building, where the postcard/collectibles show was held.

 Stamp dealer's car covered with....stamps!

 At the postcard show.

 A visit to the marvelous bookshop, Karajahn owned by Michael Jahn, who is in the photos. Michael has a diverse interest in books, photographs and periodicals from local German history to modernism and the graphic arts. The catalog he published devoted to Das Plakat magazine is exceptional. His website is here.

 Quick visit to a Sunday book fair.

 The flea markets were disappointing, nothing like they were in the past; very little "paper". However my last stop was the Potsdamer Platz market, which is primarily for new merchandise, where I found these two young French artists who create limited edition prints and books. They are making some very nice art and I was pleased to purchased a few of their publications to add to my collection of contemporary "artist's books". They go by the name damientran and can be found here.



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