Monday, August 19, 2013

Limited Edition Artist's Books: Le Dernier Cri + Re:Surgo!

A renewed interest in the serigraphed,limited edition books published by Le Dernier Cri (Marseille), Re:Surgo! (Berlin, previously known as Bongout), CB Editions (Paris), Palefroi (Berlin) as well as letterpress books by Flockophobic Press (New York) has resulted in new listings posted to my eBay store. Focus is on out-of-print titles as well as a presentation of those recently published.  

Limited editions artist's books by Le Dernier Cri are posted here and available for purchase in my eBay store. Books by other publishers are posted here.

Mateo Falcone. Anna Hellsgard and Christian Gfeller. Re:Surgo 2012

A Jak. Marie Meier. Bongout 1999

Still Damp. Gregory Jacobsen. Re:Surgo! 2012

The following books all published by Le Dernier Cri, Marseille, France

L'Oraison des Orifices. Quentin Faucompre. 2003

The Candidates (A) Political Exercise. G.O.D. 2012

Hopital Brut. Japan Special. Artist Collective. 2010

Grand Coq. Peu de Chourmo. Pirate Tattoo Festival. 2012

Rehearsal of Memory. Graham Harwood. 1995

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