Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Paris Latest: French Postcards circa 1900 ~ 1920s

Here's a preview from a collection of real photo, French postcards circa 1900 ~ 1920s, recently purchased in Paris. I have begun posting these wonderful photographs as eBay listings, both as auctions and store items with the "buy it now" option. 

Postcards continue to be for me one area of ephemera filled with fascination and discovery. My first serious collecting interest was American "roadside" postcards: diners, roadside attractions, small town main streets. That collection was light years away from the first day I stepped into the narrow alleys filled with crumbling dealer stands at the Marche aux Puces in Paris and the then, almost mythical world, of "French" postcards.

Images that I have not previously seen, new faces and figues, variants of emulsion surfaces, the bizarre and the unusual are what always keeps postcards fresh and intriguing. Included in the latest listings are marvelous images of youthful nudes, the exceptional model Fernande, photographs by the Agelou Studio, Ostra Studio, Walery, Yva Richard Studio, Grundworth and much more. Click here for the "Latest from Paris". Included in this post are some of the most recent listings.

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Parisian model Fernande in her youth, photograph by Agelou, circa 1915

Above and below: three marvelous images with the Lydia marque, circa 1915

Unusual and seductive unretouched photograph by Agelou, circa 1915

Always time to read! Exceptional photograph by Grundworth, Paris circa 1925

Just so lovely!

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