Thursday, January 8, 2015

Vasta @ LA ART BOOK FAIR Vintage & Contemporary

Here's a preview of the recent additions to my inventory available for purchase at the LA Art Book Fair at the end of January. As always, I will be presenting vintage material alongside the contemporary as well as copies of Hide And Seek, the first book published by Vasta Editions. I'm looking forward to seeing you at the fair.

Photographs by Irina Ionesco, Paris 1974 
                                                   Large portfolio.  $900.00

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MADAME ARTHUR Souvenir Program. Paris circa 1960.
Nightclub featuring female impersonators. Photo of Coccinelle 
from the program.  $125.00

London 1967. First English edition. 
The story of the man who farted his way to 
fame and fortune  $50.00

 SATANIK. Photo Histoires Pour Adultes
Paris 1967  $45.00

BOUM DANS MA TETE. Special issue of Actuel
Paris 1974  $85.00

Paris 1947. Portfolio size erotic novel with sexually 
explicit illustrations. $2,000.00

 Limited Edition Artist's Books


 Keep Smiling! Marcus Nyblom
Silk screened 1/102 copies
Berlin: Bon Gout 2007  $65.00

Orbe #23
Silk screened + offset 1/250 copies
Association Orbe (France) 2006  $50.00

 Glen Baxter Ominous Stains
Ouvroir Humoir #6
Silk screened 1/750 copies
Frederic de Jean Editions (France) 2009  $40.00

Livres Rouge  Thierry Guitard
Silk screened small format folio 1/10 copies
Bulle d'Encre (France) 1997  $200.00

La Chair Nue s'Articule  Stephan Blanquet
Offset unspecified limited edition
Alain Beaulet Editions (France) 2009  $50.00

Les Dossiers Noirs de l'Histoire
Offset w/silk screened cover 1/1000 copies
Marseille: Le Dernier Cri 2004  $85.00

Monsters of Sinland  David Sandlin
Silk screened 1/40 copies
New York City: self-published 2014  $150.00

 Vide Point Rose Tr.U  Stephan Blanquet
Silk screened 1/125 copies 
Berlin: re:SURGO!  $50.00

 Gothic Horror Story  A.T.Pratt
Etching single folded sheet 1/5 copies
New York City(?)  $100.00

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