Sunday, November 27, 2011

Paris Latest: Nude & Risque Postcards 1910 ~ 1930s

Picking up the posting thread begun after my trip to the Paris Paper Show in October, here, and in the next few posts, is a selection of material from that trip. Most of the postcards listed here will soon be available in my eBay store.

(above) Exceptional "tinted beauty", hand-tinted nude; PC Paris, circa 1925. SOLD

Photograph attributed to Jean Agelou, circa 1915. SOLD

German nude published by Die Schonheit magazine, circa 1915. SOLD

 Topless Hawaiian hula dancer, American circa 1910. SOLD

North African prostitutes, circa 1920s. SOLD

Excellent rear view; unknown marque lower left; French circa 1925. SOLD

Four performers posed backstage; Paris, circa 1920s. SOLD

 (above & below) Two photographs by Albert Wyndham, aka Film Art Studio, 
Paris circa 1925.  SOLD

 (above) Showing off her pussy and stockings tops; PC Paris, circa 1925 and (below) exotic, harem type; Corona, circa 1925. All SOLD

(above & below) Bicycle lesson. "?" Studio, aka Biederer/Ostra Studio, 
Paris circa 1925. SOLD

 Two "?" Studio, aka Biederer/Ostra Studio photographs, Paris circa 1925.
Above: auto-erotica and below: wind-up record player.  SOLD

Final three (below) are marvelous "tinted beauties", hand-tinted nudes; 
PC Paris, circa 1925. Click here for details about my book "Beautes Teintees" published in Paris, 2009.


Yva Richard photograph, Paris circa 1925. SOLD

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