Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Next Show: NYC Postcard Show Nov. 11, 12 & 13th

It's time once again for the The New York City Postcard Show  November 11,12 and 13th, New Yorker Hotel, 34th Street & 8th Avenue. Last day of the show is optional for dealers, so it may be best to attend on the 11th or 12th. I will be there all three days. 

A selection of postcards (circa 1900 ~ 1980s) from the "latest arrivals" boxes, available for sale at the New York City Show. I look forward to seeing you there!

Italian advertising in the art nouveau style, circa 1900.

Complete set of five Japanese woodblock prints in the original wood-grained box, circa 1910. SOLD

Set of six beautifully lithographed locomotives; Germany circa 1910. SOLD

La Femme Cravat, German rarity circa 1910. SOLD

Ghost photograph, spiritualism; German circa 1900.

Four cards showing correct pronunciation; German circa 1920s. SOLD

Etude du Visage, Grimaces de Rovilain; French circa 1920s. SOLD

Close-ups of eyes: hand-tinted French rppc on top, circa 1925; bottom: "best wishes" German, circa 1900. SOLD (top)

Italian risque, spa (mineral water cure) humor, circa 1930s: rebus at the top and Claudette Colbert and Oliver Hardy (effect of the water) at the bottom. 

Avant-garde collaged image, precursor to Modern Art? German, circa 1910.

Allegorical WWI propaganda, Italian circa 1915. SOLD (upper right)

German WWI propaganda, circa 1915.

German and Italian WWI and WWII propaganda, circa 1915; late 1930s/early1940s.

Italian airplane advertising 1930s (left) and German planes attacking English war ships, circa early 1940s.

Avant-garde advertising: 1930 German film by Pabst (left) and Gauklertag 1929, Das Fest Der Kontraste, German art and music festival. SOLD (left)

Italian futurism, propaganda: art by Tato on left and Latini on right; circa early 1930s.

Aviation propaganda (left) and political advertising (right); Italy circa 1930s and 1950s respectively. SOLD (left)

Fascist exhibition, Italy circa 1932. SOLD

WWII Italian propaganda circa 1940s (left) and WWI German propaganda on right, circa 1915. SOLD (left)

Italian aviation academy graduation cards, circa late 1920s/early 1930s. SOLD

German advertising circa 1920s ~ 1950s. SOLD (lower right)

Two photographs by Manasse, Austrian photo studio, circa 1920s. SOLD (right)

Completely hand-drawn and colored card, German circa 1920s.

Set of Dutch cards commemorating champion race cars of the 1930s, published in Holland circa 1940.

Promotion for the Italian Olympic committee, circa 1950s. SOLD

In the center: "full-moon" rocket, French circa 1950s; photos from the 
Observatoire du Pic, France: left, the moon; right, atomic cosmic explosion.
SOLD (center)

Italian anti-atomic bomb, circa late 1940s. SOLD

Reprints of two circa 1900 French postcards with cut-outs and addition of pieces of the original gold cloth used by Christo and company to wrap the Pont Neuf, Paris, circa 1985; created by Patrick Blanchard.

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